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Aug 29, 2011


**We chatted with Byron Douglas, meteorologist at 14WFIE about Hurricane Irene –

#1.)  After all the hype, Hurricane Irene wasn't quite as DEVASTATING as the media had us expecting.

Aug 25, 2011


**Special Thursday edition of the Extortion Breakfast this morning on the WIKY Morning Show, we welcomed the St Wendel Knights of St John for their “Extortion Breakfast Gone Wild!” extravaganza.

Aug 24, 2011


**Beloit College in Wisconsin just released its annual "Mindset List" for this year's crop of incoming college freshmen . . .

Aug 22, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 22, 2011

**With the naming of the new downtown arena Ford Center, we wondered if there’ll be a time in the near future when someone asks, “Hey where is that taking place?” and if you say, “The Centre,” they’ll have to ask, “Is that the Centre r-e, or the Center, e-r?”  

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Aug 19, 2011


**We welcomed Tales and Scales for our Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank.  The breakfast was superb and the entertainment first rate!  Tales and Scales performs at every EVSC and Henderson County school along with many other venues around the region.  Tales and Scales, in their 25th year, a unique blend of story, music, theatre, movement, and creativity and call it “musictelling.”

More info and their schedule can be found at

Or call 812-

Aug 18, 2011


**We welcomed Rick Davis, Democratic candidate for mayor of Evansville, live in studio this morning as our guest host.  Among the issues Mr.

Aug 17, 2011


**Republican candidate for mayor of Evansville, Lloyd Winnecke was our guest this morning.  We chatted about Lloyd’s childhood in Evansville, where he lived and went to school. 


Aug 16, 2011

WIKY Morning Show August 16, 2011

**Shopping for groceries is something just about all of us have in common.  Something else we have in common is that we just about all agree that food prices are going up –

 According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, 93% of Americans say that they're paying MORE for groceries now than they did one year ago.  And no one really thinks things are going to get better . . .

Aug 15, 2011

 **Jeff Lyons, 14WFIE Chief Meteorologist, joined us in studio this morning filling in for Diane.  DJB and Jeff talked about the unusual weather events Indianapolis and Louisville over the weekend.

**Tragedy at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night when severe wind gusts blew over a stage set up for a Sugarland concert.  5 were killed, over 40 hurt. 

 It happened around 9:00 P.M, and the weather was looking pretty bad, but it hadn't started raining yet.  Officials monitoring the situation made an announcement that things could get worse, but the

Aug 12, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 12, 2011

**We welcomed the United Way of Southwest Indiana live in studio this morning for our Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank.  Joining us were Pat Hughes, the Director of Development, Gretchen Ross, their Assistant Director of Development and Mike Blake  of 14WFIE, a United Way volunteer. </SPAN

Aug 11, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 11, 2011

** It seems like just about everything costs more than it used to.  And prices for everything from coffee and bacon, to rent, health care, and used cars have hit all-time highs. 


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Aug 10, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 10, 2011

**New study out about women’s feet and their not happy about it –

For whatever reason, women think they're supposed to have small feet. 

Aug 9, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 9, 2011

**DJB and Diane found this story rather disturbing - apparently, major department stores around the country have started reversing the slats on their dressing room doors.  Now, instead of keeping you private and helping you see out of the dressing room, p

Aug 8, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 8, 2011

**Two random items that we love looking for on the WIKY Morning Show are boots in the road and random stalks of corn.  The homeless boot is a story begging to be told, it seems to us.  How did it get there?  Where’s the other one?   Shoes are interesting but it’s the boots that ca

Aug 5, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 5, 2011

**We love surveys that connect seemingly random things –

 According to a study out of the Polish Academy of Sciences, people in long-dista

Aug 4, 2011


WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 4th


**Nothing like the smell of Toyota baked cookies!  DJB and Diane decided to celebrate the heatwave yesterday by baking cookies in Diane’s car.  And it worked!  Took all day, of course, but the result amazed everyone.   Here are a few pictures –


Aug 3, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 3, 2011

**Last day of the current heat wave and we’re celebrating by baking cookies in Diane’s car.  You can follow the cookies’  progress on Facebook.   It’s looking so far like an all day affair.  DJB told Diane they should have followed the package instructions and pre-heated Diane’s c

Aug 2, 2011


WIKY Morning Show August 2, 2011

**Back from vacation and Diane reviewed a local favorite restaurant that she had never tried. Big thumbs up for Charlie’s Mongolian BBQ on Diamond!

Jul 22, 2011


WIKY Morning Show July 22, 2011

**Do you send your kids to camp?  Wouldn’t you like to go, too?  Well, you can –

Here are eight summer camps for adults.

Jul 21, 2011



WIKY Morning Show July 21, 2011

**Great and practical topic about going McGyver at work when you have a wardrobe malfunction –

--Here are six office supplies that can fix a wardrobe malfunction.

 #1.)  To Loosen a Stuck Zipper, Use a Pencil.  The graphite in a number-two pencil can act like lubrication.  Just rub it across the teeth of the zipper a few times, and it should help loosen it up.

 #2.)  If You Stain Your Shirt, Use Dry-Erase Board Cleaner t

Jul 20, 2011

WIKY Morning Show July 20, 2011

**It’s wedding season and we spent some time talking about brides, grooms, and unusual weddings –

Topping the news –

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Jul 19, 2011


WIKY Morning Show July 19, 2011

**We love actors with less-than-perfect teeth.  We really do!

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Jul 18, 2011


WIKY Morning Show July 18, 2011

**Family Words.  Every family has ‘em –  words that only come about from situations that arise in your family.  Among our faves –

“Choff,” also choffing, to choff.  A com

Jul 15, 2011


WIKY Morning Show July 15, 2011

**Celebrities keep on having babies . . .

Jul 14, 2011


WIKY Morning Show July 14, 2011

**The last film in the Harry Potter series opens tonight at midnight in theatres across the Tri-state tonight.  We heard from Diane at Showplace Cinemas with an update on tickets.  Still some available this morning but they’re expecting a sell-out tonight.  Check prices and available here

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