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It's Actually Spring!

It’s nice when we have a transition like we did this year from “winter” to “summer” starting around the first of March.  We didn’t have much of a winter at all in Evansville which didn’t exactly break my heart but I was worried we’d miss out on spring altogether.  It’s far more common to see “summer” to “winter.”  You know, those years when it’s 87 degrees right up until November 1 when the temp suddenly drops to 37 and all the leaves fall off the trees at once.  Thanks to last weekend’s weather however, we were treated to a picture perfect Easter weekend with brilliant

Happy Birthday Evansville!

Bob Warren, Executive Director of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau and Laura Libbs, CVB’s Director of Marketing and Communication dropped by the WIKY Morning Show today to wish the city of Evansville a happy 200th birthday!  The actual birthday takes place tomorrow, March 27, with two big parties to mark the event.  The first is at the Children’s Museum of Evansville (cMoe) from 10am – 2pm and will feature magician Don Baggett, live entertainment by the Duke Boys, a Bicentennial cake-off among local bakeries and a great photo-op of mayors of Evansville, pas

The Weather Guy

With the 2012 severe weather season starting with a bang, it's time to seriously review your family's emergency plan.  Everyone should know exactly where to go in a weather emergency and if possible, to get there in 30 seconds or less.  You need a flashlight (with working batteries,) a NOAA weather radio, and if you have a smart phone, download the free app Tune In, which allows you to listen to WIKY on your phone.  During a severe weather outbreak we simulcast WFIE-14's wall-to-wall weather coverage so you'll have a source of information at the ready

Blowing Young Minds


We opened our email this morning to find a note from Autumn, a young lady from Evansville.  Here it is -

Scared of Santa!


With the Christmas season upon us, the WIKY Morning Show introduces what we hope will become a new tradition in the Tri-state - Scared of Santa.  The concept is simple - if you, like me, have had kids who became downright unhinged sitting on Santa's lap and you took a snapshot of, submit it.  We'll post them on WIKY's Facebook page and here at

If you've got a pic of your offspring going off on Santa, send it to or

Here are some o

The Hash Brown Hall of Fame

We have many "official" items and people associated with the WIKY Morning Show - Rick Kersting is the offical Retail Grocer/Thespian of the WIKY Morning Show, grits are the offical Ground Hominy Product of the WIKY Morning Show, and my '96 Ford Thunderbird is the luxury sports sedan by which all others are judged.  Now, thanks to the many years of extorting breakfast from various charities and organizations, we present the WIKY Morning Show Breakfast Food Hall of Fame and our first inductee -

Mary's Hash Brown Casserole&nbsp

Family Soup

The Baileys have a tradition with potato soup.  There are only two recipes in the tradition, both discovered years apart, but both are connected to epic family events.

Indiana Bones

Just in time for Halloween, a tale of a brother-in-law and his dog.  Mike Bender is not only my wife’s brother he’s also one of my closet friends.  Mike has a Sprint store in Whiting, Indiana along Indianapolis Blvd about a mile from the Chicago city line.  Recently buildings on either side of his store have been razed leaving only empty lots.  Mike and Kim Mikulski and their two year old Rottweiler Brutus live in an apartment above the store.  Brutus has enjoyed the empty lots but favored one over the other.  One day a couple of weeks ago Brutus came

The 90th Fall Festival on 24 Food Booths a Day

Today I, along with my veteran panel of judges Tracy Silver and Kathy Collins, hit 24 booths.  Even with small samples, 24 of ‘em add up in a hurry.  Consider this – you pile a pronto pup on top of a kangaroo sandwich, mix it with a deep-fried Twinkie and so on for a couple of dozen booths and you find out quick that it’s the combo that’ll kill you.  Tough duty, I know.  (And voluntary!)


The 90th Fall Festival or How I Spent a Week on Franklin Street Eating Everything from a Stick


Well, not everything on a stick.  As we have for the past eight Fall Festivals, Diane and I hit the street with our panel of judges in search of classic, new, and bizarre food items.  Our goal is to sample something from every food booth at the festival, this year numbering 135.  My team includes veterans Tracy Silver and Kathy Collins along with Nut Clubbers Andy Elfreich (out of retirement as a taster!) and newcomer Jeff Alvey.  


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