AB on a Keyring

With the passing of Dick Clark I remembered a number of years ago getting a package in the mail with a 50th anniversary keychain for American Bandstand.  It had the famous AB logo on one side in blue and "50 years of Bandstand" on the reverse.  With it a handwritten note from Dick thanking me for my support over the years.  It was just so cool.  I wore that keyring out in my pocket and had to retire it when the loop broke.  Dick Clark was one of my heroes. 

April 19th WIKY Morning Show

**  Of course, the big news item yesterday afternoon was the passing of Dick Clark at age 82.  I think everyone has their own memory of what he meant to them, whether it was watching him on "American Bandstand," on "The $10,000 Pyramid," or watching him countdown to the New Year on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve."  The man was a pioneer in so many facets of the radio and television industry.  I found this obit on  Dick Clark online yesterday, and I thought it was fascinating.  Click on this link to check it out. 

Dick Clark

There are a lot of people who aren't what they seem.

April 18th WIKY Morning Show

**  Today is "Wear Your PJ's To Work Day!"  DJB and I actually did this a few years ago, so we shared our goofy picture on Facebook, but here it is for your enjoyment!

The Space Shuttle in Washington


Thanks to Tom Goeble (from Evansville) who now works at NASA.  He was in the air over Washington DC today as the Discovery Space Shuttle was being transported to it's new home at the Smithsonian.  I was chatting about the shuttle today on the Afternoon Show and a friend of his mom sent me this picture.  SO COOL!!!


Tuesday April 17th WIKY Morning Show

** Happy Tax Day!! Yes, don't forget that your taxes are due today by midnight. We mentioned that due to budget cuts in the U.S. Postal Service, many post offices won't be open late this evening, so you'll have to get them in during normal postal office hours.

April 16th, 2012 WIKY Morning Show

** It's one of our favorite movies of all time, "Young Frankenstein," and now the musical is coming to The Centre on April 29th!  All this week in the Culture Quiz at 8:20, we'll have a pair of tickets you can win. We're pretty sure Frau Blucher and The Monster will be about "Abby Normal?"

The Stooge Dilemma

The new Three Stooges movie did a respectable showing on its opening weekend at the box office.  Good enough for a distant second behind the now steamrolling Hunger Games.  The Farrelly brothers loving tribute to Moe, Larry, and Curly got generally mixed reviews - some liked it a lot, others not so much.  Our listeners told us that it was probably more enjoyed by the adults in the audience than the kids (who found 3 grown men slapping each other around a bit puzzling).  Leonard Matlin, a respected critic found the movie very much like a Beatlemania performance

April 13th, 2012 WIKY Morning Show

** It's Friday the 13th!! We had some fun this morning exploring superstitions and the goofy ones some of us have.  Diane admitted that she goes out of her way to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks and she holds her breath when she drives by a cemetery.  Click on the link below to read some of the other superstitions that people have:!/diane.wiky/posts/10150639998345951?notif_t=feed_comment


Delilah: Help For Pointe Hope

My heart was forever changed by my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Lyons. Her son had been in Vietnam, and after the war he stayed there to care for orphans. We were encouraged to bring in our used clothes and books, and we boxed them up and sent them to these kids. We collected soda pop cans to pay for the shipping, and it changed my heart forever.

Being able to actually DO something to help those who are less fortunate, instead of just reading about it, changed me on a cellular level. I pray that teacher knows how much she impacted my life. If your kids want to be Jr.

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