WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Oct. 21st

** Dennis had talked about the two family potato soup recipes.....the "Thievin' Maid" Potato Soup and the "Severed Finger" Potato Soup, but he forgot to bring the recipes in!  But, don't worry, they are posted on the website.  Here's the link to Dennis' blog about "Family Soup."


** The Cardinals lost a heartbreaker last night to the Texas Rangers, 2 to 1 and the World Series is now tied at a game apiece.  They now travel to Arlin

Family Soup

The Baileys have a tradition with potato soup.  There are only two recipes in the tradition, both discovered years apart, but both are connected to epic family events.

Don't Google it anymore.. HAMMER it.

Famed musician and parachute pants wearer MC Hammer has gone into the Internet search business...

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Indiana Bones

Just in time for Halloween, a tale of a brother-in-law and his dog.  Mike Bender is not only my wife’s brother he’s also one of my closet friends.  Mike has a Sprint store in Whiting, Indiana along Indianapolis Blvd about a mile from the Chicago city line.  Recently buildings on either side of his store have been razed leaving only empty lots.  Mike and Kim Mikulski and their two year old Rottweiler Brutus live in an apartment above the store.  Brutus has enjoyed the empty lots but favored one over the other.  One day a couple of weeks ago Brutus came

2011 Fall Festival Award Winners


We made our picks from all of the booths we visited and here they are!


Best New Item

Booth #105 (Evansville Soccer Club)
Vanilla Ice Cream w/Mango-Habanero Sauce


3rd Place Best of the Fest

Mark Elliott’s F Fest Eating Extravaganza 2011 Day One

Mark Elliott’s Eating Extravaganza 2011

First thanks to Mike, Darrin, Carla and Casey for helping out during this years taste testing.  If I get anyone’s name or booth wrong, blame Darrin he kept notes (and he’s on Facebook, so blame him directly.)

Day 2 of Diane's culinary odyssey down Franklin Street during the Fall Festival

Today, me and my panel of WIKY Judges, Kelley Ashby (this was her first time as a judge) and April Rutledge met in our usual spot at 11th and Franklin and set out to sample another 21 booths.  Anyone have some extra Rolaids they're not using?  Here's what we tested and our reviews:

Booth 108--St. Peter's UCC in Wadesville.  Chicken 'n Dumplings.  Kelley had never had chicken 'n dumplings before, and she thought they were great! We all liked the spice combos and the colorful parlsey in the broth.  Nice, soft dumplings and very tasty.

The 90th Fall Festival on 24 Food Booths a Day

Today I, along with my veteran panel of judges Tracy Silver and Kathy Collins, hit 24 booths.  Even with small samples, 24 of ‘em add up in a hurry.  Consider this – you pile a pronto pup on top of a kangaroo sandwich, mix it with a deep-fried Twinkie and so on for a couple of dozen booths and you find out quick that it’s the combo that’ll kill you.  Tough duty, I know.  (And voluntary!)


Working couples working on their relationship...

Here's an interesting article from Tuesday morning's Wall Street Journal.


We'll be talking about this on Tuesday afternoon.

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