WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap for June 15th

WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap June 15, 2011

WIKY Morning Show Re-cap for June 14th

WIKY Morning Show Re-cap for June 14, 2011

** Yesterday, the governor of Ohio proclaimed the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans because they beat LaBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA championship.  Pretty childish. Even Diane thought so and she used to live in Cleveland when she was a kid!

WIKY Morning Show--June 13, 2011

Happy Monday! In case you missed anything, here's what happened on today's WIKY Morning Show

I did NOT get to ride in a Hot Air balloon Friday morning.

Too windy.  But I did manage to record the story and here's the podcast.

Ordering by Memory

We had an interesting discussion on the WIKY Morning Show about a trend in restaurants.  Apparently, more and more restaurants are encouraging their servers to get rid of the pen and paper and take orders by memory.  There are three reasons they're doing this, according to the article in the New York Post  - 

#1.)  It helps the server keep eye contact, which creates a better bond and leads to a better tip.

 #2.)  It makes the servers concentrate harder, which leads to better service.

Bowling Scramble for BlindFaith Ministries

Thanks to Rob Kerney from BlindFaith Ministies who brought breakfast in Friday morning.  Their Bowling Scramble Fundraiser at River City Recreation is June 24th.  Get your team together for a fun outing.  For more information call Grace and Peace Lutheran Church - 812-476-8201 - or write to Rob at


From time to time on the WIKY Morning Show, we enjoy solving what we call “little mysteries.”  We received a call this morning from Donna Hollander who lives off Sharon Road in Newburgh.  She and her family have been hearing a weird sound for the past couple of weeks that she said sounded like something from “War of the Worlds.”  What in the world could it be? 

YMCA 100 Women of Evansville

I talked about this Monday on the WIKY Morning Show when I was filling in.  The YWCA of Evansville is celebrating their 100th anniversary with a salute to the 100 Women of Evansville.   Here's a link to the story in the Courier Press:

Congratulations to our own Bettie Engelbrecht, co-founder of WIKY Radio, who was chosen to be one of the 100. 

Sharing Traditions, Stories, and Pictures

With Memorial Day weekend upon us I would like to invite you to share your traditions, your favorite recipes, and also stories or memories about those you are honoring this weekend. I will share those on my Facebook page as well as on the air.

If you would like to send a picture of your soldier along with your memory we will post them on our web site this weekend. 

One Magical Tri-State Place

On the WIKY Morning Show we posed the question - where is the ONE place you'd take a visiting friend or family member?

Among the several calls and emails we received, The Hilltop, Gerst House, Moonlite, China Bistro, Angelo's, Piece of Cake, and the Log Inn were the most popular restuarants mentioned.  Audubon Park, Garden of the Gods, Angel Mounds, the Evansville museum and planetarium downtown, CMOE, Casino Aztar, Mesker Park Zoo and the LST 325 were the most popular attractions.

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