A Spring Break of Firsts

It was a Spring Break of firsts - first ever Spring vacation, first time to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and the first time on any trip in an RV. American RV, in the recreation vehicle business in Evansville for 40 years, set us up with one of their rental units and off we went to the sand and surf of the Gulf Coast. 
My impression? It was, top to bottom, one of the nicest vacations my family has experienced. Being a long-time tent camper, I was a bit skeptical how the whole RV thing would work out for us. Come on?  Y

Gone, but never forgotten

If you’re a long-time listener of the WIKY Morning Show, you know that I’m a huge Doris Day fan.  I am also a big Elizabeth Taylor fan, so the news of her passing left me a bit sad.


A Sad Weekend

Such a sad, sad weekend, I am so heart sick, watching the images coming out of Japan...the earthquake, the tsunami, the thousands of lives lost, the fires and now the explosions at the nuclear power plants. I don't know what is more terrifying, the events that are happening, or the statements being made by officials declaring "there is no threat to human health" after the explosions at the nuclear plants...right...we gotta PRAY!

Not having good luck with movies lately.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went to see the movie "Blue Valentine," starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gossling. Michelle Williams had been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, so we wanted to check it out.  Well, about halfway through the film, we looked at each other and decided to leave.

King (and Queens) of the Road

I’ve hooked up with American RV (US 41 & Baseline Road) to use one of their RVs on a Spring Break vacation next week.  This will represent a couple of firsts – it’s the first time we’ve taken a spring vacation and it’s the first time we’ve used an RV to camp. 

Hope for Japan

I'm sure like me you were devastated on Friday morning when you heard about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It's often hard to understand why such horrible disasters occur.  Well I can be sad, but still try to help.  I want share with you some organizations that are on the ground in Japan working and helping people.  You can get involved, serve God and show HOPE to the people of Japan.

- World Vision is working to rebuild and help children who were affected by the disaster.

Embarassing DVDs in your collection.....admit it

This morning on the show we discussed those DVDs or VHS tapes that you may be embarassed to admit you own.  I had so many to choose from, but here are the two that made the cut (so to speak)!

Get advance warning when gas prices go up.

Gas prices have shot up!  I think they are up almost 70 cents since the unrest in the Middle East has begun.  But I saw something on the pump at Thornton's the other day that actually saved me money today.  They have a "Thornton's Gas Alert" text message system that I signed up for, and I got a text message this morning (Weds.) that said prices were going up today.  I filled up at 3.39 and by lunchtime, prices were 3.49!!!!

Oscar Fright.....on many levels

Another Oscar telecast is history, and while I didn't hate it as much as DJB did, I still long for the days when Billy Crystal was the host.  James Franco and Anne Hathaway did an "okay" job, but I really didn't have to see James Franco dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. Yikes!

Volunteer for Winter Jam- coming March 24th!

I have been talking about Winter Jam a lot on the show recently.  I am very excited about it and I hope you are too! However, in order to bring a huge tour like Winter Jam to Evansville, a lot of help is needed.  We are in need of 65 volunteers to help the day of the show.  Some jobs may include selling merchandise, tickets, money collecting and other tasks.  If your interested you will need to be at Robert's Stadium at 4:30 pm on Thursday, March 24th and work until 10 or 11 pm that night.

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