DVR Love For Valentine's Day

We were discussing Valentine's Day on the show this morning and the how our spouses do little things that show us they love us.  In my case, I call it "DVR Love."

Here's the scoop: in case you somehow missed this.....I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, while my hubby Jeff is a Chicago Bears fan.  First, we had a house-divided over the NFC Championship Game, which the Packers won. They then went on to win Super Bowl 45 last Sunday in Dallas.

City On our Knees

I told you a few weeks ago about a new book that I got for Christmas.  It's called "City On Our Knees" and it's by Toby Mac (you know who that is right).  It is great book that shares stories of people just like you and me who stand up and make a difference.  I wanted to share with you one of the stories from the book and I hope it can inspire you like it did me.  

A New Survey Says Men Don't Hate Valentine's Day - They Fear It!

With Valentines Day on Monday, we’ve been talking about it on the WIKY Morning Show. 
We found this article interesting -
It would make sense if men hated Valentine's Day. It's a day where there are

The Really Big "Radio" Show

I hope you'll join us on Saturday night at The Centre, when DJB, myself and Mark Elliott from the WIKY Afternoon Show will once again be a part of The Really Big Show to benefit The Evansville ARC. This year, we'll be celebrating radio from 1953, when the Evansville ARC was founded.....all the way through present day.  Plus, we'll have the "WARC Word" of the day and DJB and I will actually give away a great prize during the show!

Flashback Friday A to Z

Thanks for all the calls and email about Flashback Friday A to Z.  It was fun putting it together and I got to play a lot of MY favorite songs.  If you liked it, let me know and maybe we'll do something like that again.

Steak and Shake and Crash

Yesterday's accident at the Westside Steak and Shake was a major topic of discussion on the WIKY Morning Show.  Since the accident involved an elderly gentleman who mistook the gas for the brake as the cause, the subject of seniors behind the wheel was predictably at the forefront of the conversation.  In fact, Diane had noticed this story from ABC News just last week -

The National Concern about Elderly Drivers

It's quite a coincidence today.  An 86 year old man drove his car through a Steak'n'Shake on the West Side today.  (Go to our local news page for the latest.)  And last night, ABC News featured a story about older drivers and their children.  Here's the link: 

ABC News Link

It's something my brothers, sister and I talk about all the time with an 80 year old dad. How will you handle this when it happen in your family?

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you're looking for something really cool to get your sweet baboo.....this is perfect!  On the show, we chatted with Fletcher Newburn from

How would you like to star in your very own romance novel??  They have over 25 different plot scenarios for you to choose from, and the book can be as "mild" or "wild" as you want it to be!  They're even available as an E-book if that's what your honey wants.

Is this shirt ugly?

If you weren't listening Tuesday you won't get this.

Is this shirt ugly?  Vote now by emailing

Numbers and Monday's Afternoon Game Show Question

Monday afternoon I asked a question that caused a lot of controversy, most of it because I didn't really phrase the question very well.   Here it is:

"Take a bank, any bank and look at all the accounts that have money in them.  Look at the balances on those accounts.  Half of those balances have something in common.  What?"

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