Together For Kids

I'm SOOO excited, I am going to be representing a GREAT organization called "Together for Kids", a support organization for a network of wonderful hospitals that serve the needs of children across the nation. I was blessed to tour three of the hospitals in the network, and met so many wonderful kids, parents and care givers! Glad to be a part of Together for Kids

Here is a story about a precious young lady I was blessed to meet during my tour with "Together for Kids"...please pray for all these kids!


Today I used the word "whopperjawed" on the air to refer to the signs at First Ave and Diamond.  A caller challenged my use of that word, telling me "You're not from around here, are you?". 

Vanishing Businesses

A Wall Street blogger recently listed a number of familiar business, including some with locations in Evansville, that might not make it to the end of 2011. 
Here are the businesses we talked about on the WIKY Morning Show -
Office Depot
The company is running third in a

JFK Website

Found a great web site today looking for questions for the Afternoon Game Show.

It's from the John F Kennedy Library.  They have digitized a lot of video, papers, speeches etc and have put them together in an interesting online exhibt.  I will enjoying slogging thru it later tonight.

Living In a House Divided

If you're a long -time listener of the WIKY Morning Show, you'll know that I am a life-long Green Bay Packers fan. My husband, on the other hand, is a Chicago Bears fan.  With both teams playing for the NFC Championship this Sunday, Jeff and I are officially living in a divided house!  To make matters worse, Sunday is our wedding anniversary! This is going to be a very interesting week in my house.

Top 25 Christian songs of 2010!

I have been saying for several weeks that we would post the top 25 songs of 2010 that we counted down at the beginning of January. Well after some issues, we are finally ready to post it. So, here you go, a review of the top 25 songs of 2010!

1. All of Creation- MercyMe

2. What Faith Can Do- Kutless

3. Get Back Up- TobyMac

4. Before the Morning- Josh Wilson

5. Our God- Chris Tomlin

6. Born Again- Newsboys

7. Until The Whole World Hears- Casting Crowns

8. Lead Me- Sanctus Real

9. Hold Us Together- Matt Maher

It's a new year!

I mentioned on the show today that I would share with you Addison Road's thoughts for the new year. So, here are Jenny's thoughts for 2011!

Wait! It's Still Your Sign!

This week on the WIKY Morning Show we discussed a new study that found the ancients had it wrong. Thanks to a typo, you’ve been assigned the wrong Astrological sign. Well, not so fast.  Thanks to WIKY loyal listener Ralph Merkley who ran across this from –
Tattoo parlor owners must be salivating.

I'm obsessed with Snooki

Okay, I will admit it.  I have never watched "Jersey Shore" the program on MTV that is the current rage.  (The Corner Bar on the West Side even has a "Jersey Shore" night.)  But I am obsessed with "Snooki" - I think her real name is Nicole something or other.  She has really become a larger than life celebrity and I am really impressed how she let David Letterman make fun of her to promote her book.   I think it would be fun to have her on as a guest on the Afternoon Show.

NOT your Sign!

Huge news in the world of astrology that Diane and I were talking about on the WIKY Morning Show.
Astronomers took the zodiac and adapted it based on the way the Earth's axis was shifted during the Babylonian period, when the original astrological charts were created. The scientists found that all of the dates when the sun is in each zodiac constellation's "house" have changed!
So, if you want to
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