NOT your Sign!

Huge news in the world of astrology that Diane and I were talking about on the WIKY Morning Show.
Astronomers took the zodiac and adapted it based on the way the Earth's axis was shifted during the Babylonian period, when the original astrological charts were created. The scientists found that all of the dates when the sun is in each zodiac constellation's "house" have changed!
So, if you want to

Jail Money

We’ve all watched prison movies where cigarettes are the currency of choice among inmates. Well, now that so many people have quit smoking, including inmates, cigarettes have lost their value as currency.

One year since Haiti

This past week on Joyful Noise I discussed how this week is the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.   From what I understand the situation is better, but there are still many needs of the people of Haiti.  I discussed several organizations that are continuing to work in Haiti and share the Gospel.  I wanted to share some of them with you so you can get involved and help.  Please check out these great organizations that are helping Haiti:

-Samaritan's Purse:

-Compassion International:

Say "Thank You"

I sent out some “Little Star” books over the holidays and I just read some really nice thank you notes from listeners who received them. That made my day! Don’t forget to say a sincere “thank you” for even the simplest gifts: the gift of time, a favor, a good deed, gifts that are hand made or home cooked. Those two words can mean a lot to someone who took the time to make your day.


Color Me Employed

Ran across an interesting article on line about how the colors you wear affect your job.  We discussed it on the WIKY Morning Show -

Happy New Year and is this Real?

Great to be back after a long holiday break.  Still wouldn't mind winning the Mega Millions and going on PERMANENT vacation, but that is not going to happen.

I posted a video here that has been floating around the web and Facebook all day.  I'm a little suspicious, but still it's very telling. 

Back in the Groove...Sorta...

On the Friday before Thanksgiving you may remember me mentioning that it was the last day of 2010.  Diane scoffed, listeners scolded, and even my family said I was nuts.  But I still think I was right.  Here we are, well over a month later, and schedules and routines still aren't back on track.  And won't be until the Monday after MLK day in a couple of weeks.

Not Really Christmas Movies

Di's Fave Christmas Flicks

Christmas Flicks

We've been trying to get to our annual list of favorite Christmas movies for the last couple of days but due to the weather, we haven't had the time.  But it looks like we'll be able to get to it in the morning between winter storms.

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