The top radio personalities in Evansville radio history are... ?

Jake Newkirk and I are putting together a list of all time best Evansville radio folks.. who would you nominate?  Email me ( or follow this link for more info.

Grippos Recall

Grippo's Potato Chips are being recalled voluntarily by the company.  Here's a link to the story from Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

Use Facebook and Google to find a cheating spouse.

We talked about this Wednesday on the WIKY Afternoon Show.  One out of three affairs start online and you can use online tools to find out if your spouse is cheating.

Comet Watching Tuesday Night

Jeff Lyons says the Comet Panstarrs will be visable just after sundown tonight right on the horizon.  Here's the details..


Each One Is Unique

All the people who produce The Delilah show work really hard to make great radio and it’s because they truly believe, like me, we have a mission of spreading love and hope thru the airwaves. It feels really good to do something you enjoy and feel like you’re making a difference in lives of other people. And the really neat thing is that everyone on my staff is so different from each other! I mean, really very different, from different backgrounds and different walks of life.

I love the fact that the people in my circle are so diverse. I love that no two are alike.

Do you need to update your number on the Do Not Call list?

The deadline is Feb 19th this year.. you only have to update if your number or address is changed.  Get info here, but do it by Tuesday February 19th for April 1 activation.


If your heart doesn't get broken, it's not really high school

Valentine's Day. Ninth Grade. Her name was Jenny. Smart, confident, reasonably popular, and quite sexy in that post-puberty pre-sag freshman jail bait sort of way. Best of all, she was MY girlfriend. Bet you can guess where we're headed. Oh, true love...

I have an unfair reputation for trashing Valentine's Day.

It all started when I went on a rant on the air a couple of years ago. Here's where I'm coming from: I don't hate Valentine's Day, nor should I.

Use Your Words Wisely

 Have you ever received a “tongue lashing” from someone – a really harsh scolding? Maybe you got a tongue lashing for being a misbehaved child. Maybe you were scolded at work for a project that went south. The tongue is such a strong instrument of power. It wields the power to lift up and unite and create joy.

Rick's Rock Calendar: Super Bowl XLVII Edition

For everyone ready for some football one last time, here's a special edition of my Rock Calendar looking at the top songs on game day through the years. In our daily Rock Calendar on Twitter, we look at a particular date (usually the current calendar date) and note what happened, as well as the song or album you would have heard on the radio as Number One at that time.

What's YOUR Valentine Story?

Valentine's Day is coming! If you have someone you're crazy about, or want to tell me the great story of how you met, I would love to hear it! I might even be airing some of these!?

Tell Delilah your romantic Valentine story.

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