It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

It seems like Christmas has just crept up on me this year.  So far this month we have started Joyful Noise, welcomed Chris Tomlin to Evansville, and my church has had their annual Living Nativity.  Christmas is right around the corner.  This season is such a great time of year, but it can also be very busy and downright stressful.  We have to get Christmas gifts, attend all the holiday parties and gatherings, and still keep Peace on Earth.  Not to mention, Christmas can also be a very difficult time for many people who have lost loved ones in the past year.

Help with E-readers

A few weeks ago on the WIKY Morning Show, we talked about some of the hottest gifts this Christmas and ebooks really look like they're set for a big year but lots of question linger about what's best for them.  Amy Mangold of the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library visited the show yesterday with news of an exciting event.  Tonight, December 8, 6:30 at the Central Library, EVPL will conduct a "Meet the E-readers" party.  There will be a number of available devices to try out and compare.  Plus, it's free! 

Remembering Pearl Harbor, Before The Memories Are Gone

The thoughts of World War II should not be allowed to pass gentle into that good night. Will you help preserve them?

There are defining moments shared by all humanity, benchmarks in time burned into the collective memory. Among those, there stands one day, one point in time when life changes forever. In the lifetime of my parents and grandparents, that moment came on December 7, 1941. The "day which will live in infamy" plunged America headlong into World War II. No one would ever be the same.

A Wonderful Weekend

Friday night was the "Festival of Chimes and Lights" in our little town, and what a fun night it was! Singing, the highschool band performed, I got to be a judge for the pet parade, lots of adorable animals in Christmas costumes. Author Debbie Macomber (a neighbor and dear friend) debuted her NEW Mrs. Miracle movie and the Christmas tree was lit for the entire town to enjoy! Love living in a small community!

Now those are some Christmas lights!

This morning's Culture Quiz had to do with 34% of Americans refuse to decorate their homes for the Christmas season.

Obviously, these people don't fall into that percentage! Check out the video and be thankful you're not their neighbor!!

Evansville for Sale

Last week on the Culture Quiz, we posed an interesting question concerning a poll taken  – if we had to sell a U.S.

Flying the Starship Enterprise and uploading videos

This video came up today (there is a Star Trek exhibit coming to a museum in Louisville) and I thought everyone around here had seen this.  I worked at a station in Cincinnati in the 80's and this was for a promotion with Star Trek - The Next Generation.  They flew us out to Universal Studios and we met the entire cast of both shows.   (And FYI,  Shatner is a pain in the posterior.)  Diane Douglas saw this and now calls me Secret Squirel.  So enjoy - I now have my own You Tube channel (MarkElliottWIKY) and I think I can upload videos to it from my phon

Misunderstanding Christmas

We had a very interesting discussion on the WIKY Morning Show about the misconceptions of common Christmas legends.
First, the candy cane – you may have heard the story or read the email making the rounds for years about how an Indiana candy maker designed the candy cane to represent the story of Jesus.  Some think of the candy cane as a shepherd’s crook but the story goes that the candy maker made it a “J” for Jesus.

On the Road Again

Friday morning, the WIKY Morning Show will be on the road broadcasting from Wal-Mart to benefit the Salvation Army's annual "Toy Town" toy drive.  DJB will be at the Newburgh location and I'll be at the Westside Wal-Mart starting at 6 a.m.

WIKY and Brinkers Secret Santa!

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