Thanksgiving Horror Stories!

Odd Thanksgiving Foods

With Thanksgiving just over a week away, we decided to chat about some odd foods you've had at Thanksgiving.  We heard from lots of listeners about things like Saltine Cracker Stuffing, Circus Peanut Jello Salad (EWWW!) and Cheese and Pineapple Casserole.  We thought that sounded a bit odd, but plenty of people have tried it and love it.  So, I went online and found that even Paula Deen makes it, so it must be good.  Here's the recipe for you........and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Myths

This morning we found ourselves scratching our heads over the fact that Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  Not sure how that happened, considering we just put away our flip-flops, but there it is.

Here are a few Thanksgiving food myths that we discussed this morning on WIKY -

Okay, I admit it - I like Cher!

I'm a big Cher fan  have been for a long time.  She was on David Letterman Thursday night, and she KILLED!  Watch the video here...

Bowling at Work

Plenty of contestants on the WIKY Morning Show's Culture Quiz mention that they're bowling when we ask them on the phone what they're doing.  This has led to a number of questions from confused, and some downright angry listeners, about how it is that so many people are getting through from this mysterious bowling alley.

America's Last Vietnam War POW

At this uncertain time in history, at this uncertain time for America, we need more than ever to look to our heroes... to draw inspiration from their deeds, to draw strength from their sacrifices, and to cherish the freedom they ensured for us.
This is the story of such an American hero, Col. Charles Shelton of Owensboro, Kentucky. It is also the story of a family caught in a hell of bureaucracy where there are no easy answers.

And there are no happy endings.

One Last Word on Veteran's Day

Thanks again to all the veterans who came to the LST 325 this morning for our sixth annual breakfast.  Looks like it was a record crowd; maybe twice the crowd we had last year.  Of course, the weather helped a lot.  A big thanks to Browning Funeral Home for underwriting the event as they have the last three years.  And again, thanks to the LST 325 volunteers who make it all happen.

This is making the rounds on Facebook today and I think it says it all -

Pet Nicknames

This week on the WIKY Morning Show, you've probably heard me doing commercials for PetSmart and their National Holiday Pet Adoption Event which happens this weekend at PetSmart on the Eastside of Evansville.  It is such a wonderful thing to adopt a pet and gain a new member of the family.

Saluting Vets with Food

It seems to have become a tradition - feeding veterans on Veterans Day.  Plenty of restaurants do it, Golden Corral and Applebees are a couple that come to mind, and the WIKY Morning Show, too, with our Sixth Annual Vets Breakfast aboard the LST 325. 

When we decided we wanted to do something special for Tri-state vets six years ago, the LST hadn't been docked in Evansville for that long and we weren't sure if they wanted to do anything like a free breakfast.  They didn't hesitate to agree and it's been going on every year since.

Do you have a Workplace Spouse?

We chatted on the WIKY Morning Show about an article we found and the reaction was quite interesting. 

First, here are seven clear signs you might have a work spouse from and Career -

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