I slept thru it.

Hope the storm didn't bring down any trees in your yard and you didn't lose power.  While all the experts say it was a powerful storm (what did DJB call it, a "land bomb" ) it didn't affect me much - I SLEPT THRU IT.

Severe Weather

This morning as the squall line slammed through the Tri-state, I was again impressed at the resources we have at WIKY to bring you the very latest observations and reports.  Diane and I anchored the WIKY Morning Show with live reports from the WIKY Newsroom and the 14 First Alert Weather Center at WFIE-TV.  (All three meteorologists were on duty this morning and each filed a live report on the progress of the storm).  

Refs Face Suspension For Komen Support

If this weren't so sad, and so amazingly stupid, I'd laugh.

A Busy Traveler

Have had a busy, busy few days. I hosted an event called "The Pink tie Gala", a fund raiser for the Komen for the cure foundation...met so many lovely listeners, and had a great time celebrating life! The event was coordinated by a brave soul named Susan Groves, and she did an excellent job organizing a beautiful event!

Now THAT'S a big cat!

This morning we talked about Stewie, the Maine Coon Cat who measures over 4 feet in length!  He is now the biggest cat in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

I guess I can never again call any of my cats "tubby" anymore!  Here'e the article with all of the details about Stewie, the gentle giant!

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween week on the WIKY Morning Show (can someone please tell us how the end of October snuck up on us?).  Traditionally, we like to supply clever, quick, and most of all, easy last minute costume ideas for both kids and adults. 

"Love Letters"

Diane and I have been in rehersals for a play we're in for Civic Theatre this weekend.  It's Love Letters by A.R. Gurney.  It's a different kind of play because the entire story is told through an exchange of letters between a couple throughout their lives.  Diane and I will take the man and woman from school kids through college, then Jack and Sue Schriber portray the couple through adulthood.  It's funny, moving, and has a very surprise ending.  It's a terrific play.

Crime does pay......when it's The Extortion Breakfast

Every Friday morning on the WIKY Morning Show, we have a wonderful non-profit organization in the studio to hang out with us and tell us about the work they do and their upcoming event.  They get valueable air-time on WIKY, but there's a great big catch.....first they have to feed us a delicious breakfast!  Do we feel guilty about this?  Absolutely not! 

I Am An Unabashed Gardener!

On my best days, I'll take my left hand and pat my right shoulder and compliment myself on a beautiful garden. On regular days, I love to play in the dirt with flowers and plants and bushes. What you spend time on today in a garden will be all the more beautiful tomorrow.

Generic Brands vs. Store Brands

On the WIKY Morning Show we had a discusson on great and not so great generics.  Turns out there's more than meets the eye. 

Here's an email we recieved from Clifton Macke -  

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