Startup Weekend

If you want more information from Friday's Extortion Breakfast, here's the website -

Bill Clinton visting the Tri State in March

Announced today that former president Bill Clinton will visit Owensboro in March to attend a fundraiser.  Think he'll remember me?

National Weather Service Watches and Warnings

The National Weather Service is thinking of changing the wording on watches and warnings. What do you think?

The FAKE Cat Lovers Video

I played this on the Monday Afternoon Show.. found out it is fake, done by a comedian named Cara Hartman. But so many people asked about it, I thought I would post the link.

Gas Price Alerts

I know we've posted this before, but here is where you can sign up for gas price alerts via text message from Thorntons.

Yes someone named their child "Burger" in 2012.

We talked about this Monday on the Afternoon Game Show.

Staying Healthy

My wife and daughter are sick, Diane’s had the creeping crud for a couple of weeks.  I don’t have a prayer staying healthy.  Or do I?  Here’s some tips we discussed on the WIKY Morning Show from -

#1.)  Keep Your Feet Warm.  Researchers think cold feet might cause the blood vessels in your SINUSES to tighten up.  Which makes it harder for white blood cells to get to your mucus membranes.  And that's where most viruses sneak in.

 #2.)  After You Wash Your Hands, Don't Dry Them

Remembering John Lennon

NOTE: As he was to most people of my generation, John Lennon was an influential and inspirational person in my life. His death hit us all. Hard. This is an article I wrote for our partner station WABX two years ago today on the thirtieth anniversary of John's death. If you enjoy it, I hope you'll click the "LIKE" button underneath the headline and pass it on. Thanks, Rick

December 8, 1980.

I know all too well what that date signifies. I don't have to depend on news reports and tributes to remember John Lennon's life and death.

Delilah's Chocolate Egg Nog Pie

Here's the Chocolate Egg Nog Pie recipe Delilah read on the air tonight.

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