Fruit Hangover

On the WIKY Morning Show we had a discussion on home remedies.  It started with the old belief that an onion will absorb all the evils in the air including cold and flu viruses.  That's been around since the 1500s.  Yes, that long even though there's no evidence that it works.  Actually, it doesn't even make sense to me.  An onion?  Really?  However, one that appears to have some benefit is the consumption of gin soaked golden raisins for arthritis relief.  Our pal Charlie has done it for a while and he says he feels a difference.  Lot of listene

Christmas with Attitude

I believe the "Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas" politically correct thing is a completely manufactured problem.  For years I was blissfully unaware that saying Merry Christmas was offending anyone.  Why?  Because I've never encountered anyone who was offended by it.  And what's wrong the phrase "Happy Holidays?"  It's always been a nice way to give blanket greetings at the end of the year for all the goodwill the big three - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day - have come to represent.

21 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Whatever plans you have, I hope Thanksgiving is a special time for you. Eat too much. Sleep a lot. Hold your tongue around the relatives.

Give thanks. Think. Pray. Question everything, for therein lies the path to understanding. But know that you will never completely understand, and therein lies the path to faith. Reflect on the days you were cold, and those times that your soul felt barren.

Mark Baker

Mark Baker was the afternoon host and program director of WIKY Radio for over 10 years before moving to Johnson City/Kingsport TN to a new position there.  He died unexpectedly last week. People have called us asking about details and services - here is the link for more information.

Operation Christmas Child Week is Here!

Well, we've been talking about it for a long time now and it is now the first day of National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child!  You can pack a box with small gifts, school supplies, toiletries and candy for children ages 2-14.  Also, each child will receive the ultimate gift, the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language!

Perhaps more than just this little girl feel this way.

On YouTube, a mother recorded her 4 year old daughter crying and asked her why she was crying.

Yet Another Mystery Solved!

We received a number of calls Monday morning from folk north and west of Evansville who wanted to know what the loud booms were Saturday evening - a rolling thunder type of sound coming from the north.  Well, it was a private fireworks show.  A family near Haubstadt out by the St James area with plenty of acreage and a lake put on a fireworks show every year for the Fourth of July for friends and neighbors.  Since it was too dry on July 4 to set ‘em off, they decided to do it Saturday night.  About 200 folks were there and if you heard the distant “thunder” it was their

Now this sounds like a good time!

We had Beth Tromley and Joanne Zeller in this morning to talk about Riding Hope, which has equestrain therapy for special needs children ages 2-18.

They're having a Western-themed Hoedown this Saturday night at the St. Wendel Knights of St. John from 5-11 p.m. Admission is $30 per person, or $50 per couple and includes food and drink! This a major fundraiser for Riding Hope so they can expand and help more kids.

If you want to buy tickets, give them a call at 812-985-7759, and make sure to wear your cowboy boots and hat!

Take a Nap to Solve a Problem.

It was the answer to the Afternoon Game Show question Monday, here's the link.  I say use this excuse next time you are caught napping on the job...

ScienceDaily (Oct. 12, 2012) — A new study from Lancaster University has found that sleeping on a problem really can help people to find a solution.

Boil Advisory Evansville East Side

Here's a link to the story about the East Side boil advisory.


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