Can't Miss Foods at the Fall Festival

Aside from our award winning treats at the 91st Fall Festival there are a number of booths that present what we call "premiere foods."  Here's a list of the booths our team visited this year and the foods you need to try (or try again) -

#89 - BSA Troops 373 and 379 - Monster Ears

#92 - St Phillips - Burgoo.

#100 - St Peters - Kuchen.

#105 - Evansville Soccer Club - Ice Cream with Habanero Sauce.

#107 - USI Varsity Club - Ribeye Sandwich.

#111 - Central Music Boosters - Loaded Potato Soup.

#114 - Optimists - Tenderloin.



As announced on the WIKY Afternoon Show Wednesday afternoon ..


Best Chicken and Dumplings - Booth # 79 St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Best New Item - Booth #112C Joshua Academy - Sloppy Billy's - Loose Goat Meat Sandwich

Third Place Best of the Fest - Booth #48 Salem Church of Darmstadt - Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

Second Place Best of the Fest - Booth #25 St. Theresa Scouts Munchen Rolls

And this years Best of the Fest - Booth #67 St.

2012 Fall Festival Diane's Team Day 2 Booth Reviews

Diane’s Team—Day 2 of Fall Festival Booth Reviews

**Booth 67-- (St. Peter’s UMC) (Deep Fried Mashed Potato Balls) OMG!!!!!!! These are absolutely fabulous and a unamimous choice by the entire team; they are spectacular and very original. They are mashed potatoes around chopped bacon, onion and cheese, then deep fried to perfection! Served with ranch or horseradish or enjoy them by themselves!

Don't split household chores in your marriage!!!

A lot of talk yesterday about our Afternoon Game Show Question - "Couples that do this one thing increase chance of divorce by 50%.  What?"

The answer was splitting household chores equally.  Many people disputed this, so I thought I would post the link to this story.


Fall Festival Food Booth Report

Here's Tuesday's report from the 91st Fall Festival.  Not as rainy today so a noticeably larger crowd.  A big thanks to my judges Carla Kratz, Casey Hahn, Kathy Collins, Lisa and Don Swenson.  Lisa is Kathy's sister and grew up on the Westside but Don is from Siren, Wisconsin where they both now live.  Lisa was thrilled to be back for a Fall Festival, this was Don's first.  He's was a trooper too, never a complaint and was extremely impressed with the enormous selection.  You gotta love a guy who embraces the Fall Festival immediately, right?


2012 Fall Festival--Diane's Team (Day 1 Booth Reviews)

Diane's team hit Franklin Street yesterday to begin the task of tasting every booth and make our recommendations. Here are the reults from Day 1:


Booth 46—Evansville Lutheran School (Smoked Turkey Leg) Big and juicy, it’s a Franklin Street staple, but it was left off the munchies map this year.

Booth 47—Evansville Racing Pigeon Club (Chili-Cheese Hot Tamale) This is a new item this year, and it was delicious.

Deaconess Wise Choice Munchie Map

We talked about this on the Afternoon Show Thursday.  Here's the link to the Deaconess Wise Choice Munchie Map.


Eating the Fall Festival

The 91st West SIde Nut Club Fall Festival takes place all next week on Evansville's West Side and again WIKY will be sampling every food booth on Franklin Street.  We assemble three teams of listener volunteers, one with Diane, one with Mark Evans, and my team, with each required to visit about 22 booths per day.  We hit the street Monday at 11 for about an hour or so and by Tuesday at 12:30, we've sampled all the booths.  We originally thought we could do it all in one day but come on, that would be inhuman.  We don't sample every

Hmmm, what is that mystery cobbler that will be at the Fall Festival??

Joelle Knight from SWIRCA stopped by the WIKY Morning Show today to have us sample the new "mystery" cobbler they'll be serving next week at the Fall Festival. Their booth is #78 right in front of the Pet Food Center.  The mystery cobbler was delicious, by the way. Visit SWIRCA's website at to view the clues and make your guess.

The Rumors are Untrue!

We heard last week a disturbing rumor that the Log Inn was closing.  What?  An entire region denied fine fried chicken?  Say it ain't so!

OK, it ain't so.  We heard from Rita Elpers, whose family has owned the Log Inn for these many years, and she told us that not only had she heard the rumor (and would love to know where it started) but it's totally false.  She and her family (the next generation of Elpers have already taken over day to day operations

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