Coincidence or Destiny?

I told this story Monday on the Morning Show, here's the link:

New Wireless Alerts for your Smartphone - but not iPhones!

WIKY News has had the story today about the new Wireless Emergency Alerts starting next week.  It's an update to the Emergency Alert System (those obnoxious tones you hear on the radio before a weather warning.)  If you have one of the newer smartphones you are already signed up and ready to get them (although you might need a software update.)  Get more info here:



Random Fun

Over the years on the WIKY Morning Show, we’ve had some fun with random items observed on our daily commutes to work.  It started with a random boot Diane noticed in the median of the Lloyd on the West Side and mentioned it on the air.  The random boot in the road - we’ve all see them.

Rock of Ages movie

Here's the trailer for the movie Rock of Ages as we talked about on the Afternoon Show today.

Bird Disputes

We were discussing birds in my backyard this morning on WIKY.  I've been a bird watcher for years.  I've heard that you're supposed to call yourself a "birder" but that sounds even weirder than bird watcher, if you ask me.

We have a mockingbird that lives in our backyard and has for years.  She's actually just relocated from next door because the bush she lived in for years was the victim of a landscaping make-over.  So she moved right into a small Cleveland pear tree that was planted a couple of years ago and stands only 10 feet max making it&nbsp

Tuesday is Take A Picture Day - Take one and send it to me.

Tuesday  May 15th is Take a Picture Day.  Pick up your camera and help capture a day in the life of the planet. The project  wants amateur and professional photographers to capture an image of their home, travel, or work on May 15. The images will be published on the Internet, compiled into a book, and buried in a time capsule.  You can see this project online now at

WIKY Morning Show for May 9th

** Mother's Day is this Sunday, so we were talking about some of the best and worst Mother's Day gifts you've either given or received.  We heard from some listeners with some hilarious gifts, including frozen onion rings, a gift certificate to an exercise program and a pot holder set from her "EX husband!" One listener said she just got tickets to Blue Man Group and is very pleased.

**  Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers made major league history last night when he hit four home runs in a single game!

WIKY Morning Show.....May 3rd, 2012

**  Check out Diane's brand new Flipped Out Flops!!

Early Rising

A cup of coffee on the patio a little past dawn Saturday morning, still up well before everyone else.  I remembered that I started doing it in high school – getting out of bed and ready before everyone else.  The reasons were obvious – a shower with guaranteed hot water, first crack at anything for breakfast (especially advantageous for pop tarts or Wheaties in short supply,) and maybe twenty minutes of the Three Stooges before the bus came.  Granted, it was a challenge beating my dad out of bed.  A lifetime in the Army had provided few opportunities for luxurious slumbe

April 25th 2012 WIKY Morning Show

**  Did you happen to see the story of the woman in New York who donated a kidney to her boss, and was then fired? I know, pretty amazing, right?  Well, today is Administrative Professionals Day, so this story is very timely.  Here's the latest:  this woman, named Debbie Stevens now wants her kidney back!  But wait.....there's more!  Turns out her boss didn't get Debbie's kidney; HER kidney went to a patient in St.

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