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Rock of Ages movie

Here's the trailer for the movie Rock of Ages as we talked about on the Afternoon Show today.

Tuesday is Take A Picture Day - Take one and send it to me.

Tuesday  May 15th is Take a Picture Day.  Pick up your camera and help capture a day in the life of the planet. The project  wants amateur and professional photographers to capture an image of their home, travel, or work on May 15. The images will be published on the Internet, compiled into a book, and buried in a time capsule.  You can see this project online now at

Dick Clark

There are a lot of people who aren't what they seem.

The Space Shuttle in Washington


Thanks to Tom Goeble (from Evansville) who now works at NASA.  He was in the air over Washington DC today as the Discovery Space Shuttle was being transported to it's new home at the Smithsonian.  I was chatting about the shuttle today on the Afternoon Show and a friend of his mom sent me this picture.  SO COOL!!!


Shopping Deadlines

Worried about getting your online purchases in time for the holidays?  Check out this website..

It has a list of all online retailers and the last dates you can order from them before the holidays.  Happy Shopping!

Is this video real?

Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope your holdiay is going well.  Check out this video my friends in Northern Michigan sent me yesterday.

They spent the day taking about it on the air, but I think this is fake. 

Don't Google it anymore.. HAMMER it.

Famed musician and parachute pants wearer MC Hammer has gone into the Internet search business...

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Mark Elliott’s F Fest Eating Extravaganza 2011 Day One

Mark Elliott’s Eating Extravaganza 2011

First thanks to Mike, Darrin, Carla and Casey for helping out during this years taste testing.  If I get anyone’s name or booth wrong, blame Darrin he kept notes (and he’s on Facebook, so blame him directly.)

Working couples working on their relationship...

Here's an interesting article from Tuesday morning's Wall Street Journal.


We'll be talking about this on Tuesday afternoon.

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