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Mark Elliott’s F Fest Eating Extravaganza 2011 Day One

Mark Elliott’s Eating Extravaganza 2011

First thanks to Mike, Darrin, Carla and Casey for helping out during this years taste testing.  If I get anyone’s name or booth wrong, blame Darrin he kept notes (and he’s on Facebook, so blame him directly.)

Working couples working on their relationship...

Here's an interesting article from Tuesday morning's Wall Street Journal.


We'll be talking about this on Tuesday afternoon.

Gas Price Alerts

I told this story on the air today.  I saw the info below on a gas pump at Thortons.  Got a text early Wednesday and filled up.  By Thursday morning prices had gone up 20 cents a gallon.  WOW!   Here's the info from Thorton's web site on Gas Price Alerts.

I did NOT get to ride in a Hot Air balloon Friday morning.

Too windy.  But I did manage to record the story and here's the podcast.

Bowling Scramble for BlindFaith Ministries

Thanks to Rob Kerney from BlindFaith Ministies who brought breakfast in Friday morning.  Their Bowling Scramble Fundraiser at River City Recreation is June 24th.  Get your team together for a fun outing.  For more information call Grace and Peace Lutheran Church - 812-476-8201 - or write to Rob at

YMCA 100 Women of Evansville

I talked about this Monday on the WIKY Morning Show when I was filling in.  The YWCA of Evansville is celebrating their 100th anniversary with a salute to the 100 Women of Evansville.   Here's a link to the story in the Courier Press:

Congratulations to our own Bettie Engelbrecht, co-founder of WIKY Radio, who was chosen to be one of the 100. 


Okay, here's the funniest news story of the day.

I used to live in this small town in Northern Michigan, where the winters are cold and long.  Spring does bring out the crazies, but this one beats all... A guy dressed as Batman was arrested climbing on the buildings downtown.,0,3042122.story

Get advance warning when gas prices go up.

Gas prices have shot up!  I think they are up almost 70 cents since the unrest in the Middle East has begun.  But I saw something on the pump at Thornton's the other day that actually saved me money today.  They have a "Thornton's Gas Alert" text message system that I signed up for, and I got a text message this morning (Weds.) that said prices were going up today.  I filled up at 3.39 and by lunchtime, prices were 3.49!!!!

Flashback Friday A to Z

Thanks for all the calls and email about Flashback Friday A to Z.  It was fun putting it together and I got to play a lot of MY favorite songs.  If you liked it, let me know and maybe we'll do something like that again.

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