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Is this shirt ugly?

If you weren't listening Tuesday you won't get this.

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Numbers and Monday's Afternoon Game Show Question

Monday afternoon I asked a question that caused a lot of controversy, most of it because I didn't really phrase the question very well.   Here it is:

"Take a bank, any bank and look at all the accounts that have money in them.  Look at the balances on those accounts.  Half of those balances have something in common.  What?"


Today I used the word "whopperjawed" on the air to refer to the signs at First Ave and Diamond.  A caller challenged my use of that word, telling me "You're not from around here, are you?". 

JFK Website

Found a great web site today looking for questions for the Afternoon Game Show.

It's from the John F Kennedy Library.  They have digitized a lot of video, papers, speeches etc and have put them together in an interesting online exhibt.  I will enjoying slogging thru it later tonight.

I'm obsessed with Snooki

Okay, I will admit it.  I have never watched "Jersey Shore" the program on MTV that is the current rage.  (The Corner Bar on the West Side even has a "Jersey Shore" night.)  But I am obsessed with "Snooki" - I think her real name is Nicole something or other.  She has really become a larger than life celebrity and I am really impressed how she let David Letterman make fun of her to promote her book.   I think it would be fun to have her on as a guest on the Afternoon Show.

Happy New Year and is this Real?

Great to be back after a long holiday break.  Still wouldn't mind winning the Mega Millions and going on PERMANENT vacation, but that is not going to happen.

I posted a video here that has been floating around the web and Facebook all day.  I'm a little suspicious, but still it's very telling. 

Flying the Starship Enterprise and uploading videos

This video came up today (there is a Star Trek exhibit coming to a museum in Louisville) and I thought everyone around here had seen this.  I worked at a station in Cincinnati in the 80's and this was for a promotion with Star Trek - The Next Generation.  They flew us out to Universal Studios and we met the entire cast of both shows.   (And FYI,  Shatner is a pain in the posterior.)  Diane Douglas saw this and now calls me Secret Squirel.  So enjoy - I now have my own You Tube channel (MarkElliottWIKY) and I think I can upload videos to it from my phon

I hate to ask... BUT

I would really like to win something.  A Courier and Press Reader's Choice or Evansville Living "Best Of" is probably not attainable without me buying hundreds of newspapers and magazines.  But I found this contest from a TV show, and I would love to participate.

Here's the deal from the LIVE with Regis and Kelly website..

Tuesday Afternoon on the Afternoon Show

Perhaps that's redunant.  Here's our topics -

The Beatles on iTunes

Baseball or Football

and we'll play Let's Make a Deal on the Afternoon Game Show after 5.

Okay, I admit it - I like Cher!

I'm a big Cher fan  have been for a long time.  She was on David Letterman Thursday night, and she KILLED!  Watch the video here...

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