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America's Last Vietnam War POW

At this uncertain time in history, at this uncertain time for America, we need more than ever to look to our heroes... to draw inspiration from their deeds, to draw strength from their sacrifices, and to cherish the freedom they ensured for us.
This is the story of such an American hero, Col. Charles Shelton of Owensboro, Kentucky. It is also the story of a family caught in a hell of bureaucracy where there are no easy answers.

And there are no happy endings.

Refs Face Suspension For Komen Support

If this weren't so sad, and so amazingly stupid, I'd laugh.

Sharing in the joy of the miracle in Chile

I can't help but swell with pride as one by one, the miners trapped for two months are lifted out of the shaft in Chile. How many times have mine accidents ended in tragedy? Most people in this area have a relative, friend, schoolmate or neighbor personally tied to the coal industry. It's a blessing to have good news to contemplate.

A Brat Gets Married

As I listen to Delilah each night on WIKY, I've begun to look at relationships as a spectator sport. With social media ever present, it's easier than ever -- and more fascinating than ever -- to see how people react to the calls and letters she receives.

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