21 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Whatever plans you have, I hope Thanksgiving is a special time for you. Eat too much. Sleep a lot. Hold your tongue around the relatives.

Give thanks. Think. Pray. Question everything, for therein lies the path to understanding. But know that you will never completely understand, and therein lies the path to faith. Reflect on the days you were cold, and those times that your soul felt barren. L... et those memories inspire you to spread warmth and joy.

Spend a bunch -- or wait until a reasonable hour and spend with small businesses who put it back in to the community. Yell at the players on TV -- or go outside and cheer the players in your family and down the street.

Pause in remembrance of the departed. Gaze in wonder at how much a child can grow and change in a year's time. Gather. Create. Write your story. Sing it with all your might. And at the end of the day, dream.

Rick Allen