Adventures in Canned Goods

I recently was going through our pantry at home when I found a can of boiled peanuts in the very back.  Boiled peanuts are common in the South and a friend brought them back for me from a visit to his family in Alabama.  Of course, I can't recall how long ago that was, but the can's in the pantry if ever I get a hankering for boiled goobers.

We heard from a number of listeners who also found unusual canned goods in their cupboards - a can of racquet balls mixed in with the peaches, a can of some sort of mysterious convection that went into a cake and the family lived to regret, and a can of sauerkraut that was so old, the kraut had leaked and glued the bottom of the can to the shelf.  That sauerkraut glue is powerful stuff.

Take a look in your cupboard when you get the chance.  It's amazing how entertaining it can be.  If you do find something unusual, be sure to let us know.