April 16th, 2012 WIKY Morning Show

** It's one of our favorite movies of all time, "Young Frankenstein," and now the musical is coming to The Centre on April 29th!  All this week in the Culture Quiz at 8:20, we'll have a pair of tickets you can win. We're pretty sure Frau Blucher and The Monster will be there.....how about "Abby Normal?"

**  There's a big lettuce recall that we need to tell you about.  Dole has recalled 756 cases of their bagged  "Seven Lettuce Salad," because of the possibility that they're contamined with salmonella.  These bagged salads were distributed in Indiana and Illinois, but NOT in Kentucky.  The use-by date is April 11,2012. The UPC Code is 71430 01057 and the Product Codes are 0577N089112A and 0577N089112B.

** Culture Quiz:  They're supposed to be for kids, but 2/3 of adults use them.  What?

Answer:  Piggy Banks!

Congrats to Laurie Meese! She wins Subway swag and a pair of tickets to "Young Frankenstein" at The Centre!

**  And, with allergy season in full swing, we found this to be quite interesting. Turns out there are 5 common things that will help ease your misery.

1. Shampoo your eyelashes to get the pollen out of them. Obviously, use baby shampoo....no more tears!

2.  Eat Yogurt. Some of the good bacteria in yogurt helps the body produce anti-inflammatory proteins and can reduce symptoms by as much as 40%.

3.  Drink Ice Tea. The antioxidants stop your body from producing a major allergy trigger called "immunoglobulin E". 

4.  Wear clothing that is made of cotton or linen.  Pollen doesn't stick to it as much as it does to synthetic fabrics.

5. Avoid eating certain foods during allergy season, such as apples, carrots, zuchinni, celery and tomatoes.  Yes, we know that it can be tough to not eat these, but if you cook them, it breaks down the allergy triggers in them.