April 18th WIKY Morning Show

**  Today is "Wear Your PJ's To Work Day!"  DJB and I actually did this a few years ago, so we shared our goofy picture on Facebook, but here it is for your enjoyment!

**  We had so much fun with this little piece of "Mind Candy" this morning.  Here's the question....What fictional house from either TV or a movie have you always wanted to live in?  Diane has always wanted to have the Batcave and would love to live in "Castle's" apartment in NYC and the Cullen house in the "Twilight" movies!  DJB always liked Mary Tyler Moore's apartment and Jim Rockford's beacfront trailer in "The Rockford Files." We heard from a lot of people who want to live at The Ponderosa from "Bonanza", Southfork, The Brady Bunch house, The Munsters house at 1313 Mockingbird Lane or even The Addams Family house.  Some other popular choices were I Dream of Jeannie's bottle, The Little House on the Prairie loft bedroom and even The Jetson's house because of all the "techy advancements."  Thanks for all the calls and posts on Facebook!

Culture Quiz Question

According to a recent study, men of Italian descent tend to do this longer than men of other ethnic or national origins.  What?

Answer:  Live with their moms!

Congrats to Caroline Elpers of Evansville!  She wins swag from Subway and a pair of tickets to "Young Franenstein" April 29th at The Centre!