April 25th 2012 WIKY Morning Show

**  Did you happen to see the story of the woman in New York who donated a kidney to her boss, and was then fired? I know, pretty amazing, right?  Well, today is Administrative Professionals Day, so this story is very timely.  Here's the latest:  this woman, named Debbie Stevens now wants her kidney back!  But wait.....there's more!  Turns out her boss didn't get Debbie's kidney; HER kidney went to a patient in St. Louis who was a better match.  Debbie's boss got a kidney from a donor in San Francisco!  We have no idea how this story is going to play out, but we'll keep watching this and let you know how it all shakes out.

** Julie Andrews was on The Colbert Report last night (turns out she was there promoting her latest children's book) and Steven Colbert kept trying to get her to sing with him and she finally did.  It was really cute and you can listen to it here:


Also, Diane mentioned a book that she read as a kid that was written by Julie Andrews.  It's called "Mandy," and it's actually still in print!  It's available on amazon.com, just search "Mandy" in books and it comes right up.  If you do end up reading it, we'd love to hear a review from you.

** We talked about different scenarios you may have experienced in your life, like have you ever been in a bank while it was being robbed?  We heard from a woman who was a teller at the old National City Bank when it was robbed by a woman dressed up as Santa!  It sounds funny, but she said it was actually pretty traumatic....and we don't doubt her!

Another question we had was if you were born somplace other than a hospital?  Plenty of people called to say they were born at home, but one lady called to tell us she was born in a row boat!! There was flooding at her parents house in Kentucky and they were trying to get her to another family member's house, but she had other ideas and made her entrance to the world in the bottom of the row boat!

Culture Quiz Question:

In the 1950's, Americans did it on average 18 minutes a day.  Today the average is down to 4-6 minutes a day.  For what?

Answer:  Laughing!

Congrats to Brenda Pyott of Evansville!  She wins swag from Subway, $15 to spend at the Master Garderner's Plant Sale and a couple of May tickets to Holiday World!