Botox for an 8 year old? Don't get me started!

This story has been in the news for a little while, but I finally had to comment on it.

Last week on “Good Morning America,” there was a story about a mom giving her 8-year-old Botox. I don’t think you’ll be surprised to find out the child competes in pageants. Britney Campbell and her mom Kerry appeared on the show to talk about her “beauty regimen.”

From the Huffington Post:  "(Lara) Spencer asked Britney questions worthy of a horrifying “Law & Order: SVU” episode: can you show me where you do it? Can you point on your face? Of the Botox, Britney remarked, “It hurt sometimes, but I get used to it,” and of the waxing, “It was super, super hard to deal with that…I just don’t think it’s ladylike to have hair on your legs,” however adding that she won’t do it again. At least not for a while.

“Kerry confessed that Britney didn’t actually request either treatment, noting, “We talked about it. She didn’t exactly ask me about it but I know that she was complaining about her face having wrinkles and things like that,” to which Spencer said, “My son will come home and tell me he wants every Xbox game that existed…that doesn’t mean you get it for them.” Snap! “

“But, seriously — then came a slew of photos depicting Britney with bruises, puffy cheeks and ice packs. In the end, the child says she “looks way better, like, beautiful, pretty, like, all those kinds of nice words.” And that might be the most heartbreaking part.”

Wrinkles on an 8-year-old? Oh come on, that is just too much. What must this be doing to the child’s self-esteem?  And I don’t understand if there are laws about giving kids tattoos, wouldn’t you think Botox would fall into that area too?

At the end of the GMA report, Spencer says Botox is legal to inject into kids and can be used for neuro-muscular problems. ABC’s expert thought that a doctor giving a child Botox for wrinkles could be investigated as malpractice though. The mother is a part-time esthetician and has a “source” where she gets her Botox but wouldn’t reveal the name. Clearly, this mother has no clue on how to parent "responsibly." You may also be asking, where is her father in all this?  He died four years ago, at the age of 83.  FOUR YEARS AGO.....AT THE AGE OF 83! (Do the math.....he was 79 when Britney was born!)  Don't even get me started!

Seriously, I find this story disturbing on just about every level. But, at least someone has come to their senses and Child Protective Services have removed Britney from her mother's home and all the reports say she is doing well. 

This just leaves me with one question......why can't some people just let their kids be kids? I personally want to thank my mom and dad for simply letting me be a kid. I loved every minute of it!