Bowling at Work

Plenty of contestants on the WIKY Morning Show's Culture Quiz mention that they're bowling when we ask them on the phone what they're doing.  This has led to a number of questions from confused, and some downright angry listeners, about how it is that so many people are getting through from this mysterious bowling alley.

"Bowling" is our code word for "working."  It was coined by a listener a few years ago.  Let's face it - if you're playing the Culture Quiz, you're not working.  You're not bowling either but bowling is more acurate than you might think. 

When you bowl, you roll a couple of lines, sit down, visit with other bowlers, maybe have a slice of pizza pie until your turn comes around again.  Work is very much like that - you do a little actual work, visit with co-workers, do a little more work, call WIKY to play the Culture Quiz, roll another couple of balls.  Work for most is a lot like bowling. 

So now you know.  Next time we ask what you're doing, you'll know the answer.