The Curse of the Ugly Shirt

I love shopping for clothes between seasons.  You know, when stores are thinning out their inventory and put a lot of stuff on sale.  Dillards does a wonderful job of slashing end-of-season apparel and you can get great deals on decent clothes.  Generally, you also have a limited selection.  Here’s the shirt we talked about on the WIKY Morning Show.   I bought it last Fall for $8.  I wore it a few times before my wife noticed it and asked, “Where did you get that ugly shirt?”  I don’t think it’s that bad and judging from the comments on WIKY’s Facebook page, a lot of listeners agree with me.  Plenty agree with my wife and Diane, too. 

 But here’s the unexpected result – EVERY shirt I wear is now greeted with, “Is that the one?  Is that your ugly shirt?”