Delilah: Help For Pointe Hope

My heart was forever changed by my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Lyons. Her son had been in Vietnam, and after the war he stayed there to care for orphans. We were encouraged to bring in our used clothes and books, and we boxed them up and sent them to these kids. We collected soda pop cans to pay for the shipping, and it changed my heart forever.

Being able to actually DO something to help those who are less fortunate, instead of just reading about it, changed me on a cellular level. I pray that teacher knows how much she impacted my life. If your kids want to be Jr. Ambassadors for Point Hope, they can do the same sorts of things I did some 40 years ago and change kids' lives for good.

I'll be going back to Africa with my ministry, Point Hope, soon. We need gauze bandages for patients at the buruli ulcer clinic, and paper back children's books. Want to help me collect some? If your kids want to get involved, they can coll...ect "School Tools", gallon zip-lock gabs filled with pencils, paper, etc. for children in school in Africa who have no school supplies.

Point Hope
5889 State Hwy 303 NE,
Bremerton , WA 98311