Diane's Food Odyssey during the 90th West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

It's once-a-year eat-a-thon known as the Fall Festival! As we have for the past eight Fall Festivals, DJB and I hit the street with our panel of judges in search of classic, new, and bizarre food items.  Our goal is to sample something from every food booth at the festival, this year numbering 135.  My team includes April Rutledge, Helen Schnarr and newcomer Kelley Ashby. 

Booth 126--Hadi Oriental Band.  We began right in front of the Gersthaus with the Hadi Oriental Band's signature Smoked Pork Chop Sandwich.  It had a great smoky flavor and was really tender.

Booth 125--Cornerstone Assembly Church.  This is the booth to visit if you like hot and spicy things! We tried the Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Pepper. These folks grew their own peppers this year and they're delicious....but be warned....they have a kick!

Booth 124--Youth Resources.  They have a new item this year called Meat Wads, which are BBQ meatballs.  But the item that I found to be delicious was the Pig In the Mud.....a peanut butter and bacon sandwich that you dip in maply syrup. Outstanding!! BEST OF THE FEST WINNER!

Booth 123--Crescent City Civitan.  They also have a new item called the Brownie Volcano.  It's a homemade brownie covered with vanilla ice cream and topped with HOT fudge sauce.  That's what makes it so good, they use HOT fudge!

Booth 122--Evansville Jaycees. They feature Gator Tail, but it wasn't ready, so I can't give it a review.  But, they do have Snails in garlic butter. My team member, April had never had snails before and she said they looked like "funky mushrooms." They were very tasty and the garlic butter was really good too.

Booth 121--Germania Mannerchor.  It's a Fall Festival tradition to visit this booth for their world famous Kraut Balls.  They didn't disappoint!

Booth 120--Hadi Patrol.  They have Deep Fried Kool-Aid.  It's an interesting ball of  dough that's deep fried with Cherry Kool-Aid.  While I applaud them trying something new, I found it to need a bit more Kool-Aid flavor.

Booth 119--The River Outreach Ministries.  Deep Fried Snickers bar. They also have Deep Fried Milky Way bars.  I know people love them, but I'm just not a fan.

Booth 118--Evansville Junior Football League.  Their world-famous Catfish Sandwich, either regular or Cajun flavor. We tried the cajun and it was spectacular!

Booth 117--Community of Christ Church.  Spicy Polish Sausage. This their 2nd year featuring this and it's really wonderful!

Booth 116--West Terrace Booster Club.  Super Nachos.....but here's the delicious twist....they serve them with Stromboli meat. I loved it!

Booth 115--Evansville North Civitan Club.  We tried the Buckeyes, which is peanut butter balls dipped in milk chocolate and frozen.  Really tasty!  They also have hand-dipped Corn Dogs and huge Texas Tenderloin sandwiches.

Booth 114--East Side Optimists. The Texas Tenderloin sandwich. This will tell you how popular this sandwich is....we waited in line for 15 minutes to place our order!

Booth 113--Howell General Baptist Church.  Hand-dipped Pronto Pup....it's an all beef hot dog dipped in their homemade, SECRET recipe batter.  Delicous!

Booth 112--McCutchanville Community Church (1st year at Festival).  They have Strawberry Shortcake with vanilla ice cream. The only booth offering this and it's delicious!

Booth 112-D--Community Worship Arts.  They are another first-time booth and they're offering deep fried Coke, but with a twist.  They serve the funnel cake bites that have the Coke in the batter and then they cover it with the same cherry syrup used to make cherry Coke....it's outstanding!

Booth 112-G--Turning Point United Methodist Church. (1st year at Festival)  They are offering Papa Murphy's pizza and Cold Stone Ice Cream, which are always good choices.

Booth 112-H--R-Men Varsity Club--Bean Soup is on the menu at this first year booth and it's delicious! There is a lot of shredded pork in the soup as well!

Booth 112-I--Evansville East Youth Baseball. This was the last of the first year booths we visited and they're offering a turkey burger, which is the only one on Franklin Street.  A tasty, healthy choice!

Booth 111--Central High School Instrumental Music Boosters.  They offer their famous loaded potato soup and red velvet cupcakes.  Both delicious and definitely worth a visit!

Booth 110--Boy Scout Troop 350.  Cotton Candy.....if you want Cotton Candy, this is YOUR booth!!

Booth 109--Evansville Day School.  Walking Taco.....VERY tasty.....and I admit, Fritos are one of my truly guilty pleasures!

Item of the Day for Monday.....Booth 124 (Youth Resources) and their Pig-In-The-Mud Sandwich!!