Evansville for Sale

Last week on the Culture Quiz, we posed an interesting question concerning a poll taken  – if we had to sell a U.S. landmark to a foreign country, which would it be? The number one answer was the Hollywood sign. Other results of the poll included Graceland,  Disney World, and the entire city of Washington, DC (which may have already been sold).
We offered the question again this morning but wondered if we had to sell a landmark in the Tri-state – which would it be?  I say the Big Peach.  I could live without it.  Diane, along with a whole lot of others, wants to sell the Lloyd Expressway.  Or, at lease a large number of traffic lights.  Some want to sell US 41, but that’s a fixer-upper.  One gentleman offered the Twin Bridges but you know the first thing up on the bridge after the sale would be a toll booth.  We had a lady call and suggest we sell the House of Como but we’d better hurry because right now the Christmas decorations make sense.
So, if we had to sell a local landmark, which would you choose? Let us know on the WIKY Morning Show or drop a line to djb@wiky.com.