Fall Festival Food Booth Report

Here's Tuesday's report from the 91st Fall Festival.  Not as rainy today so a noticeably larger crowd.  A big thanks to my judges Carla Kratz, Casey Hahn, Kathy Collins, Lisa and Don Swenson.  Lisa is Kathy's sister and grew up on the Westside but Don is from Siren, Wisconsin where they both now live.  Lisa was thrilled to be back for a Fall Festival, this was Don's first.  He's was a trooper too, never a complaint and was extremely impressed with the enormous selection.  You gotta love a guy who embraces the Fall Festival immediately, right?

88 St Wendel Church.  Springerle Cookies.  A traditional German cookie with just a hint of anise.  New item and not listed on Munchie Map.  If you like licorice, you’ll love these cookies.

89 Boy Scout Troops 373 and 379.  Monster Ears.  They’ve been selling these at the Fall Festival since the 70s.  One of the premiere Fall Festival treats and the only booth that sells them.

90 Mater Dei.  “Lunchie Muncie,” an excellent idea:  2 chicken strips, 2 fried cheese sticks, 1 jalapeno popper and a drink for $5.  (You can also buy the foods separately).

*91 Bosse Music Boosters.  Kudos to Bosse boosters for completely reinventing their menu this year and getting down to basics.  Just three items offered and none made it onto the Munchie Map – Sweet and Spicy Caramel Corn, original Caramel Corn, and Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.   They’re looking for a signature food item and the PB&J could just do it for ‘em.  Unique to the street. *WIKY Pick Booth of the Day.

92 St Phillips.  World famous St Phillips Burgoo (pronounced “bur-go” at St Phillips thank you very much).  Men’s Club cooks up 500 gallons especially for the Fall Festival (on the heels of cooking hundreds of gallons for their annual sale the second to last weekend in September.

93 Corpus Christi School Boosters.  Pronto Pup.  Farm Boy frank + Christi’s Secret Recipe Pancake Batter = one fine Pup.

94 AMVETS Post 84.  Salad on a Stick.  Just as it sounds.  My panel of judges found it “fresh, crisp, refreshing and an easy to eat delicious break” from everything else.  Obviously a Deaconess Wise Choice.  2 dressings are available, Ranch and French.

95 Golfmore Baseball.  Deep Fried Thin Mints.  Genuine Girl Scout Thin Mints dipped in batter and deep fried.  Thin Mints have now gone from freezer to fryer.

96 Warrick County Klowns.  Face painting for the kids and plenty of klowning around.

97 Evansville Figure Skating Club.  S’mores on a Stick.  2nd year for this item.  Also a meatball sub and the sturdiest plastic forks on Franklin.

98 Marian Educational Outreach.  Texas Cheese Steak Sandwich.  It’s a steak dressed with cheese, sautéed onions and green peppers and presented on Texas Toast.  East meets West and they get along great.

99 Harwood Booster Club.  This is the booth that caught fire (too hot griddle) and was substantially damaged Monday night.  Luckily no one was hurt but the Harwood Boosters got knocked out of the Fall Festival for the rest of the week.  Terrible loss. 

100 St Peters.  Kuchen.  The great traditional German pastry is all they sell and it’s known far and wide to be the best at the fest.  Several flavors to choose and all handmade from scratch.  One of the Fall Festival’s premiere foods.

101 Mission Outreach Word of His Grace.  Deep Fried S’mores.  Second year for this treat and deep frying it does predictable things to the classic ingredients.  Also here the WIKY Award winning Cincinnati-style Coney.

102 Old North United Methodist Church.  Catfish Sandwich.  Deep fried farm raised catfish with a tasty traditional breading.  This sandwich has a devoted fan base.  They sold 5000 sandwiches last year.

103 Central Choir.  Deep Fried Mushrooms.  Served piping hot with a variety of dips.  Believed to be unique on the street.

*104 Alpha Sigma Alpha.  Oreo Cookie Balls.  New item this year and not listed on Munchie Map.  You take your Oreoes and crush ‘em.  Mix it with cream cheese and roll into balls.  Then dip them in chocolate.  Are you kidding? *WIKY Pick Booth of the Day.

105 Evansville Soccer Club.  Stupid Hot Chili.  It stupid hot all right but one of our judges, Carla, took the leftover sample with her.  Also here the 2011 WIKY Best New Food Item award for the Ice Cream with Habanero Sauce.

106 Bible Center.  Giant Texas Tenderloin deep fried to moist flavorful perfection. 

107 USI Varsity Club.  Rib-eye Sandwich.  World famous.  It’s another premiere Fall Festival food.  There are other booths that sell a rib-eye sandwich but for many if it’s not a Screamin’ Eagle Rib-eye, no thanks.  Pork chops here too.

108 St Peter’s UCC.  Chicken and Dumplings.  Look out, the gauntlet has been thrown and the ladies of St Peter’s UCC are ready to take on all comers.  Wednesday at noon the first ever Fall Festival Chicken and Dumplings Show Down.  An independent panel of judges in a blind taste test.  This is getting serious.  Listen to WIKY and watch this blog for the winners.

109 Evansville Day School.  Walking Taco.  For those uninitiated, it’s all the stuff you’d find in a taco but in a bowl so you can walk around with it.  Be sure to ask for the Jalapenos of Love.    

110 Boy Scout Troop 350.  Known for years as the cotton candy booth, a new item this year – Frontier Loaded Potato Skins from Frontier Restaurant and Bar. 

111 Central Music Boosters.  Potato Soup.  Homemade and a must have so far this chilly and wet Fall Festival.  

My team hit the wet street Monday at 11.  Here's what we found:

The new food booth area in the parking lot at 11th and Franklin dubbed by the WIKY Morning Show as "Alphabet Alley."

112 – I Evansville East Youth Baseball.  2nd year at Fall Festival.  Follow along:  a hotdog stuffed with jalapeno and cheese, wrapped in bacon then deep fried.  Killer?  Oh yeah.

112 – H Reitz Varsity Club.  1st year at Fall Festival.  Smoked pork chop sandwich.  Rib Gumbo from Nisbet Inn; especially hit the spot on a wet chilly day.

112 – G The Turning Pointe United Methodist Church.  2nd year at Fall Festival.  Item not on Muncie Map - Marshmallow Pretzel Pop, a giant chocolate dipped marshmallow rolled in your choice of three flavors and served on a pretzel stick.  Also a refillable plastic drinking cup.  Buy it full for $5; get refills for the rest of the Fall Festival for 75 cents. 

112 – E The Gathering Church.  First year at Fall Festival.  Fresh zucchini fries and homemade sopapillas with a variety of flavors for dipping.     

112 – F Holly’s House.  First Year at Fall Festival.  Philly Hot Dog (dog dress with peppers, onions, and cheese).  Fresh Lemon Shakeups.

112 – D Vanderburgh County Substance Abuse.  First year at Fall Festival.  Chicago Hot Dog (onion, tomato, peppers, pickle and more).  All about the dog here.

*112 – C Joshua Academy.  First Year at Fall Festival.  Sloppy Billy.  It’s a Sloppy Joe made with goat.  Get it?  Also Roasted Goat (in its own juices).  Want goat?  Here’s your booth.  Both are Wise Choice selections.  The goats are raised by Joshua Academy to boot.  *WIKY Pick Booth of the Day.

112 – B Restoring our Heritage.  First year at Fall Festival.  Pulled pork BBQ from J&B’s in Henderson.  Deep fried Puff Ball with homemade icing.

112 – A Outboard Boating Club. First year at Fall Festival.  Pulled Pork Parfait, pork BBQ from Hawg n Sauce stacked with mashed potatoes and sauce parfait style.  Hot wings too in 3 flavors starting with Hot.

112 McCutchanville Community  Church.  Enormous Strawberry Shortcake with Ice Cream.  All homemade.  Freshly prepared Chinese selections.

113 Howell General Baptist Church Youth.  There’s cause for celebration at booth 113 because a brand new deep fryer (the original used for 50+ Fall Festivals) and a new hot dog selection has reinvented their Pronto Pup.  The original batter and the new dog are fried to golden perfection with the new equipment.  A must try.

114 Optimist.  Tenderloins are their number one seller and the usual long lines at lunch are a ringing endorsement.

115 Evansville North Civitan.  Homemade Buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.

116 West Terrace Booster Club.  Biggest seller – homemade Stromboli with or without onions.

117 Community of Christ.  Buffalo Burger.  As in bison.  Farm Boy special orders the meat and it’s a big seller.

118 Evansville Junior Football League.  The WIKY Award winning Cajun Catfish.  Also the original Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana.  They were freezing bananas before anybody on Franklin. 

119 The River Outreach Ministries.  BBQ Pork Chop.  A full inch thick.  They measure!

120 Hadi Arab Patrol.  Deep Fried Kool Aid.  2nd year for this big seller.  Also Ribeye and Pork Butt sandwiches.

121 Germania Maennerchor.  World famous Kraut Balls, one of the Fall Festivals premiere food items.  They made 20,000 this year. 

*122 Sycamore Services.  Gator Tater.  A loaded baked potato topped with deep fried alligator.  Made only for the Fall Festival. *WIKY Pick Booth of the Day.

123 Civitan Club.  Dirt and Worms.  A fun Halloween treat made with chocolate pudding and cake “dirt” and topped with gummy worms.

124 Youth Resources of Southwest Indiana.  Meat Wad Inferno.  Homemade meatball spiced to inferno perfection.  Their Pig in the Mud won WIKY’s Best of the Fest in 2009.

125 Cornerstone Assembly of God Church.  New item this year: the Fire Dog.  Smoked dog with plenty of kick.  Also smoked cheese stuffed Jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon.

126 Hadi Shrine Oriental Band.  Pork chop.