First Date Nightmares

Earlier this week, we had a Love Court entry about a first-date deal-breaker and it's generated another topic of conversation.  First Date Nightmares!

We had plenty of people call and email with horror stories about first dates gone  bad, but this has to be my favorite of them all.  Here's the email I got:

"Went on a first date (to a nice restaurant) the guy first complained about his drink, then when the meal came, he had nothing good to say about the waitress or his meal. Then he went on about the location of our table (which to me wasn't that bad).

Then during dinner he went into detail about having 2 dead wives.  All I could think about was I am not going to be number 3!  Needless to say, didn't have a second date!"

All I can say is this makes me appreciate my hubby even more!