Haircuts from Heck

This morning on the WIKY Morning Show, we chatted about an item we found online on kids’ haircuts. Specifically, haircuts we as parents should all avoid -
9. The Bowl Cut
Made popular for dorks everywhere by Moe from The Three Stooges.
8. The Jimmy Neutron
The only reason to style your child’s hair like this is if he needs those extra couple of inches to ride the roller coaster at your local amusement park.
7. The Bieber
This is obviously a more recent trend, but one that should be stopped immediately. Justin Bieber’s got more hair in his face than Chewbacca. 
6. The School Picture Day
Mothers, please don’t use your own saliva to push his bangs out of the way. You’re children are humans, not cats.
5. The Mohawk
Everyone should give their babies and young children a Mohawk and help make this world a more entertaining place.
4. The Bart Simpson
No hairdo from this show should be mimicked in real life unless it’s Halloween.
3. The Hair Helmet
Yes, you want you’re child to be safe from harm always. But just because this style has “helmet” in the title doesn’t mean it will provide protection when you’re not around.
2. The Rat Tail
This style should only be attached to your child’s head as a punishment.
1. The Mullet
Either go short or go long. Just because you’re indecisive doesn’t mean your kid should have to suffer. Give your child this hairdo and he’s on his way to a life of cow tipping, and greased-pig wrestling.
Plenty of listeners called in and generally agreed with the list saying it’s hard enough to be a kid without we parents putting a target on their heads, no matter how cute we think it is!