Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween week on the WIKY Morning Show (can someone please tell us how the end of October snuck up on us?).  Traditionally, we like to supply clever, quick, and most of all, easy last minute costume ideas for both kids and adults. 

There are perennial favorties and almost all of them start with black craft store sweats - clear bag filled with balloons (bag of jelly beans,) Smarties attached all over the pants (Smartie pants,) socks hot glued all over (drier black hole where all the socks go,) or a black eye and a large letter 'P' painted on the front of the shirt (blackeyed pea).

Others - for a woman, an alluring dress, a wart, beard, and top hat (Babe-ra-ham Lincoln,) a sombero and a hoop skirt (Taco Belle,) and a construction paper pumpkin with 3.14 written on it and attached to a shirt (Pumpkin pi).

We'll have plenty more on the morning show during the week so be sure to tune in.  Email, Facebook, or call with questions or ideas of your own you'd like to share - djb@wiky.com

Also, check out the new WIKY Evansville Halloween site for discount coupons, recipes, and more costume ideas -  http://scrgpromos.com/evvhalloween/