Have you nominated your favorites for the "Top Radio Personalities" list?

Jake from http://jakesdtvblog.blogspot.com/ and I are compiling a list of the Top 40 Personalities in Evansville Radio History (using Top 40 as a metaphor, they can be from any genre or format - news, DeeJay or other).  We've been collecting your nominations on Facebook and via email, and here is the first version of the list.  This is in alphabetical order (as close as I can get, I've been singing the alphabet song all night.)  If you have a suggestion (or any corrections to the list below), email me (mark@wiky.com) or post it on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/MarkElliott1010


Larry Aiken "Lonesome Larry" (WGBF) 

Angela Allen  (WIKY and others)

Scott  Allen WRBT

Adam Alexander (UE radio voice)

Mark Baker (WIKY)

Marv Bates (UE Radio, WGBF)


Bwana Johnny (WGBF)

Bob Buck (UE radio voice on WIKY, WBKR)

Stan Clark (WKDQ and others, news)

Rick Darby (WROZ)

Lee Denney (WBKR/WOMI, news)

Dan Egierski (sports,WYFX and others)

Fast Eddy (WSTO) 

Don Geronimo (WGBF)

Tiny Hughes (WROZ)

Jimbry (WJPS, WKDQ)

Brian Jackson (WSTO)

Johnny Kincaid – WJPS, WKDQ, WJLT

Trish Knight WABX

Henry Lackey (WKDQ. WSON)

Dave Lehman (WIKY)

Big Bill Love (AKA Brother Love) (WBKR, WKDQ) 

Joe Lowe (WVJS, WOMI and others)

Dave Lyons (WGBF, WIKY news)

Roger Manning (WUEV)

Toni Mason (WRBT)

Cindy Miller (WABX)

Mark Miller (WIKY)

Jimmy Ocean (WSTO)

Phil Parker (WIKY)

Jim Parr (WVJS,WSTO)

Rick Payton/Rick Allen/Stephen Kelly (WIKY, WABX, WKDQ, WYNG)

Jamie Richards (WSTO)

Rodzilla   (WRBT)

The Real Rodney Russell (WJPS) 

Mike Sanders (WGBF-FM)

Buddy Scott (WGBF)

Gene Stewart (WKDQ, WGBF)

JOS James “Oliver” Stagg (WJPS)

John Story (WIKY, WGBF)

Rusty Sharp (?)

Bruce Summers (WJPS)

Ralph Turpin (WIKY, WBNL)

Randy Wheeler (WIKY, WGBF)

Dave Wood (WIKY)

Sam Yates (WKDQ and others)

Byron Zint (WJPS, WROZ)