I Am An Unabashed Gardener!

On my best days, I'll take my left hand and pat my right shoulder and compliment myself on a beautiful garden. On regular days, I love to play in the dirt with flowers and plants and bushes. What you spend time on today in a garden will be all the more beautiful tomorrow.

My grandmother and mother taught me so much about planting gardens. They taught me the names of hundreds of plants and ferns and flowers and bushes, and how to care for them and make a beautiful garden in Spring and Summer. The Home Depot's Garden Club is a place online now that gives you great information. You can join for free, and get all kind of knowledge on what will work in your garden. Questions? If you have one, you an email to The Home Depot Garden Club and get an answer back from one of their experts within a day! How great is that. Use the link below and join today.