I slept thru it.

Hope the storm didn't bring down any trees in your yard and you didn't lose power.  While all the experts say it was a powerful storm (what did DJB call it, a "land bomb" ) it didn't affect me much - I SLEPT THRU IT.

I woke up extra early this morning for some reason yet to be discovered.  It was around 4:30am, so I turned on Channel 14 to watch their early morning news.  Stretched out in the recliner, I promptly fell fast asleep (and probably snored!)  As the morning progressed, I remember some strange dreams but didn't wake up at all.  I think I heard the sirens, and dreamed that ambulances were on the road.  I dreamed I saw Jeff Lyons on TV - but he was actually on this morning because of the storm.  So I missed all of it.  As far as I can tell I didn't lose any tree limbs, roof shingles or Z's from this storm.