From time to time on the WIKY Morning Show, we enjoy solving what we call “little mysteries.”  We received a call this morning from Donna Hollander who lives off Sharon Road in Newburgh.  She and her family have been hearing a weird sound for the past couple of weeks that she said sounded like something from “War of the Worlds.”  What in the world could it be? 

Turns out, it’s cicadas:  those prehistoric looking bugs that crawl out of the ground every summer except that during certain summers, like this one, we get a variety of cicadas that have been waiting for years to emerge.

Here’s more on the cicadas currently making all the racket across the South –

Susan Stigall emailed this –

We were traveling home yesterday on our motorcycle and on the Pennyrile Parkway and went by an area and heard those bugs.  We thought something was going wrong on the bike, we heard these creatures for about 5 or 6 miles and then nothing.  They were in this area a few yrs maybe approximately 3-4 yrs ago also, my daughter had them terribly bad at her home.

So, brace yourself.  It’s an evasion but not from outer space, it’s coming from underground!