July 3rd WIKY Morning Show

With the ban on persoal fireworks, we invited Mayor Lloyd Winnecke to join us to talk about that and also the Evansville Fireworks show.  He said that as of right now, the riverfront fireworks show is still on, but he's in constant contact with the fire chief and if the wind condition pose a real threat to public safety, he'll pull the plug. But as it stands now, the show will go on as planned in Evansville.  The Newburgh fireworks show, however, has been cancelled. They're hoping to re-schedule it for August in conjunction with the Fiddler Fest.


Sad news happened late this morning as word came down that Andy Griffith passed away at the age of 86.  He was truly one of the greats. One of his best later roles was in the movie "Waitress."  If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it enough. It's a really cute, funny little movie and Andy was teriffic in it.


I found this to be fascinating; I drive the most "American" car made.....a Toyota Camry! Cars.com came out with it's annual list of the most American cars, and in a close 2nd was the Ford F-150 pickup.  It seems that Toyotas and Hondas rule the top 5  spots on the list (way to go Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana!) and the last 5 spots on the list consist of Buicks, Jeeps and GMC vehicles.


Even though the city has banned personal fireworks for the time being, some people will shoot them off despite the hot, dry conditions. So, we shared five safety tips for setting fireworks off in dry weather.

1. Using a hose, spray down the area where you'll be setting them off.

2.  Keep a hose nearby, just in case.

3.  Be aware of how windy it is.

4.  Designate one adult to watch for any sparks that hit the ground.

5.  Don't get overconfident.

Culture Quiz

Americans, on average, consume 33 pounds of this a year, which is up from 11 pounds a year in 1970.  What?


Culture Quiz will return on Thursday morning with 2nd row tickets to James Taylor, July 11th at the Ford Center!