July 5th WIKY Morning Show

It's a Thursday that feels like a Monday.....isn't it weird to have a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week?

We talked about Andy Griffith's passing. This is one celebrity obituary that really bummed out DJB and my husband. Both of them are big fans of "The Andy Griffith Show." One of Andy Griffith's later movie roles was in "Waitress." It also features Keri Russell and a pre-"Castle" Nathan Fillian. I can't recommend this movie enough....it's a little gem!

The fireworks on the Evansville riverfront were spectacular! Even better was the fact they went off without a hitch. That wasn't the case in San Diego! After a malfunction that authorities are calling a "premature ignition," the fireworks show above San Diego Bay was over before it was supposed to start.

The Coast Guard says the mishap occurred minutes before the scheduled opening of the Big Bay Boom show, causing a display that was planned to last nearly 20 minutes to burn up all at once.

We finally got some well-needed rain at my house yesterday afternoon. We had some high winds and patio umbrella chaos ensued! Check it out!


Culture Quiz

According to a recent study, scientists say this should be included with every family dinner. What?


Congrats to Melinda Denton; she won 2nd row James Taylor tickets! Tomorrow, we've got FRONT ROW seats up for grabs!