July 6th WIKY Morning Show

While the heat wave rages on with the temperature expected to top 106 degrees today, we're wondering if some relief is on the way. 14WFIE Meteorologist Byron Douglas says next week we'll have some temps back into the upper 80's and around 90. You know it's been brutal when the upper 80's will feel much cooler!

Some new movies in theatres this weekend include "The Amazing Spiderman," which is getting good reviews.  Katy Perry's concert film "Part of Me" is also out now. Locally, Woody Allen's new movie "To Rome With Love" also opens.....some good choices at the movies to help beat the heat this weekend!

A new study has come out about the hand gestures that annoy us the most.  Here are some of the more annoying gestures:

--Air quotes

--Talk to the hand

--Blah Blah Blah (using your fingers and hand to mimic a fake mouth)

--Finger guns

--Pointing to your eyes (I'm watching you)

--Call me--using your hand as a fake phone

--A fake yawn

--Throat slash

Culture Quiz

According to a recent study, for children, flowers have the most recognizable scent.  What's #2?


Winner: Crystal VanDiver of Henderson, KY!