Love Court

Occasionally on the morning show, we have a fun little feature we like to call "Love Court."  Someone writes in with a dilemma, and we all have "jury duty" to try and help them resolve whatever their issue is. It's always a lot of fun and the responses are insightful and some are downright hilarious!

This morning we talked about a first date "deal-breaker" for this young woman.  Her issue was her date pulled out a coupon to pay for dinner....on their very first date and for her it was a total "no-no."

For the most part, everyone agreed that this girl was being WAY too high-maintenence and that she should just lighten up.

However, some people had some great suggestions. While they agreed that she was being too picky, the guy should have waited until they'd been dating a bit longer before pulling out the "coupon card." 

My personal favorite was an email from a woman who had gone through the exact same experience; the only difference was her date used a gift card.  She went on to say that perhaps the fact that he spent the entire date complaining about his soon-to-be ex-wife may have had something to do with the awful time she had!  I remember going on dates like that and do I miss them?  HECK NO!!