"Love Letters"

Diane and I have been in rehersals for a play we're in for Civic Theatre this weekend.  It's Love Letters by A.R. Gurney.  It's a different kind of play because the entire story is told through an exchange of letters between a couple throughout their lives.  Diane and I will take the man and woman from school kids through college, then Jack and Sue Schriber portray the couple through adulthood.  It's funny, moving, and has a very surprise ending.  It's a terrific play.

Love Letters is a fund raiser for the Civic Theatre of Evansville but won't be held at the theatre.  We've made arrangements to present the play at Old National's spectacular atrium downtown.  Two shows - Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  Tickets are $50 each and include dinner (or brunch) from The Riverview by Firefly - incredible food!  All the details can be found at www.civic.evansville.net.

Hope to see you there!