Make Your Honey-Do List

Here we are going into another weekend! Are you going to work or play this weekend? Are you going to do both? Or perhaps you'd rather play but your honey has another idea. I am talking about the well-known but not always popular "honey-do" list.

While I was in the studio recording one evening, I heard Producer Leisa on the phone to her hubby, "Don't forget to clean out the gutters!" Yes, as the show was going on, Leisa was stating her "honey-do" list for Jeremy.

It was such a typical real-life kinda moment, I had to laugh! But it made me think about the "honey-do" list I would put together for you. Let's see...I would first have you clean out the clutter in your closet, your garage, wherever it is. Because clutter will make you a crazy person and when you clear it, you invite peace and clarity back into your life.

Then I would ask you to scrub out the villains in your life. If you have toxic people in your life who are takers instead of givers, who make you walk on eggshells, who criticize you or complain the whole time...release yourself from that burden. Next I want you to build someone up. Smile, compliment, encourage or assist someone in your day. You will find happiness as you give it away.

And finally, I want you to fix yourself a cup of tea and find my show on your dial. Because after all that hard work finishing your to-do list, honey you deserver a break! If you have a funny story about your honey doing his or her fall chores, or if you just want to brag about your honey period, send me an email and share your story.