Merry Electronic Christmas!

As my wife Lora and I walked into the Walmart in Newburgh last night, we were greeted by a large, decorated Christmas tree inside the door.  Really can't complain that it's too early, it's November after all, but it does force you to start thinking about what to buy as gifts this year. 

We talked about it on the WIKY Morning Show.  The Consumer Electronics Association’s holiday forecast is officially out:

·        Consumers will spend an average of $232 on electronics gifts this year.
·        That's the highest percentage ever in the 17 years of the study and up 5% from last year.
·        However, consumers will spent $750 on all gifts this year, down 2% from last year.
·        Consumers will spend $1,412 this holiday season on everything from gifts to food and decorations.
Here are the lists:
Holiday Wish List Overall
Holiday Consumer Electronic Wish List
Holiday Consumer Electronics
Wish List Teens
1)  Peace/Happiness
Portable mp3 player
2)  Notebook/Laptop
iPod/iPod Touch
3)  iPad
Video Game Console
4)  Clothes
iPod/iPod Touch
Notebook/Laptop PC
5)  eReader
Video Game System
Cell Phone
6)  Car/Motorcycle
Digital Camera
7)  Family Together
Big Screen TV
Tablet PC
8)  Good Health
TV (unspecified)
9)  Video Game System
Computer (unspecified)
Video Games
10)  Money
Desktop PC