Perpetual Fireworks Ban

There are plenty of people upset about the local fireworks bans this year due to the weather conditions.  It’s perfectly understandable, too.  Some folks just can’t celebrate Independence Day properly without cutting loose a few bottle rockets or Roman candles.  But for me, it’s been a lifetime ban on fireworks so I’m not so upset.  My cousin Mike, a number of years my senior, threw a firecracker into a ditch when he was a kid, a rock flew out and yes, he actually PUT HIS EYE OUT!  He’s had a glass eye ever since. When I was a kid and all my friends were setting off fireworks, I’d ask my mom for permission to buy some.  Always the same answer, “Oh no, you can’t do that.  Look what happened to your cousin Mike.”  Thanks Mike.  Thanks a million.

Of course, Mike’s missing eye didn’t stop me for a minute.  I popped plenty of Black Cats growing up.  And the current fireworks bans won’t stop a lot of people either.  But what I did learn from my cousin’s glass eye applies to everyone using fireworks - be careful!

Happy 4th from the WIKY Morning Show!