Pet Nicknames

This week on the WIKY Morning Show, you've probably heard me doing commercials for PetSmart and their National Holiday Pet Adoption Event which happens this weekend at PetSmart on the Eastside of Evansville.  It is such a wonderful thing to adopt a pet and gain a new member of the family.

I've always been a big proponent of adopting animals; it started when I was a kid in Hudson, Ohio and my Mom and Dad went out for a walk one summer evening and came home with Tuffy....the best beagle/terrier mutt known to man! Tuffy was and is a part of our family for all time!

Jeff and I have Bailey, our chocolate lab and also 3 adopted shelter cats....our very own tabby brigade, Ally, Dudley and Lucy.

So, this means on to today's topic on the WIKY Morning your pets have nicknames? 

Well, we sure do in our household! Ally was known at the VHS as "Mumbles," meaning she is the loudest cat in the history of mankind!  She sqawks at just about everything, and even answers you when you talk to her!

Dudley is the most handsome boy cat I've ever known....I've even called him the "Brad Pitt" of kitties.  I think all of this has led to a swelled head for my "handsome baby boy."  He is now known in our house as 'tude boy." But, in Duds' defense, he is a major love bug who only wants to snuggle on the bed and sleep pressed against you!

So, now we move to Lucy.....the crazy red-haired tabby, hence the name!  She is what we like to call a "nuthole," meaning she will run house laps, swing from chaneliers and get behind the wheel of a car! (Well, just kidding about that, but you know what I mean).  We've given Lucy the nicknames of "LuLu," and "Squirrel,"......I don't know, they seem to fit! 

Hey, if you have a chance to go to PetSmart on the Eastside this weekend, PLEASE consider adopting a dog or a cat; trust me, you won't regret it!!