The Really Big "Radio" Show

I hope you'll join us on Saturday night at The Centre, when DJB, myself and Mark Elliott from the WIKY Afternoon Show will once again be a part of The Really Big Show to benefit The Evansville ARC. This year, we'll be celebrating radio from 1953, when the Evansville ARC was founded.....all the way through present day.  Plus, we'll have the "WARC Word" of the day and DJB and I will actually give away a great prize during the show!

Looking back on this wonderful community variety show, I'm remembering some of the characters I've had the pleasure to be.  In my first Big Show, Rhanda Stewart and I were the "Hee Haw Honeys." The day of the show, I had to run out and get a spray-on tan to ward off the pasty winter skin I was sporting. Another highlight of the evening was Sue Schriber's rendition of Minnie Pearl, complete with the price tag hanging off her hat.

Rick Kersting and I have had a lot of fun over the years in our skits together!  We've been Old Jack and Old Rose on the bow of the Titanic, Scarlett and Rhett from "Gone With The Wind," we've been marooned on "Gilligan's Island" together, we hung out in the "Hee Haw" cornfield and he even was the Vectren Guy coming to check the meter at the Coneheads house!

Speaking of the Coneheads, I have to say that one of my favorite shows had to be the year we spoofed "Saturday Night Live."  DJB and I were the Coneheads............. and who could forget Jack Schriber as The Church Lady, along with DJB playing Donald Trump!

Last year was a lot of fun, as we celebrated Mardi Gras and Jeff Lyons was the street cop charged with keeping things moving along.  Doing a quick costume change from Scarlett O'Hara to Angelina Jolie was fun, but my favorite part of that sketch had to be all of the babies I carried in my snuggie!

This is the kind of "fine" entertainment you'll get to see when you come to the Really Big Show!  For all the info, just go to the front page of the website and click on the Really Big Show logo.  See you at the show and break a leg!